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What the World is Grateful for Right Now…

Donna Dizon

Donna Dizon Two new clients in a day.... Thank you so much!!!!

Cecilia Trice

Cecilia Trice I am grateful for eyes, ears, the sense of smell, for taste, and I touch and move around my home. I am grateful I can speak these words: I am well-balanced, whole, and perfect-spiritually, emotional… read more

Kaitlin Gillen

Kaitlin Gillen I am grateful for flow. The more I try to stop "steering the river" the more life flows with ease.

Patrick Kondreck

Patrick Kondreck Today I am grateful for the freedom to choose how I want to live my life. Life is Good!

Pushpa R

Pushpa R Once again I got an opportunity to release my past pain. So grateful to love and above meditation.

Pangie (Angela) Jackson

Pangie (Angela) Jackson Whether it is a castle or a button, if you are using it as your object of attention, it is summoning Life Force. It is the feel of the Life Force that life is about. The reason that you are summoning… read more

David Michael
David Michael gave sunshine to a friend

Here's some sunshine to brighten your day! I love you!

John Karnish

John Karnish I am grateful for realizing the progress I have come by just staying in the race. I turned 40 recently but rather than having a mid-life crisis, I just realize that I have such a better perspective o… read more

M Stj

M Stj What a morning a beautiful day well underway
Dancing delightful dogs
Napping cats amass on rocker, couch & box
Up to date on my social media logs
So grateful for the many blessings, family, possi…
read more


John Karnish I love dogs and their unconditional love.

Melody Sullins
Melody Sullins gave M Stj a smiley
a smiley

You are a success and it begins with change. Congratulations


M Stj Thank for all the lovely energy in that smile Melody

Veronique B.

Veronique B. For sleepy eyes and laughing eyes and exasperated eyes and loving eyes
For cleaning a messed-up bathroom after a children battle of some sort taking place in there, for joy seeping right through anno…
read more


Being Branka Blissful oh, this is just wonderful !!

Veronique B.
Veronique B. gave M Stj ruby slippers
ruby slippers

Glog thinks you will know what to do with this pair of dancing shoes, Michele. I just wanted to say hello and that Casper and you are in my thoughts as I cycle to my studio and swerve around lazy cats… read more


M Stj Dancing to Happy by Pharrell - perfect shoes needed that added to sparkle to live in gratitude Veronique

Being   Branka Blissful

Being Branka Blissful have a wonderful, abundant day , everyone ♥♥

There is a Life Stream that flows to you, and this is a Stream of clarity, a Stream of wellness, a Stream of abundance... and in any moment, you are all…
read more


Veronique B. Thank you for your wishes, Branka! I'm glad I caught them before going offline


Being Branka Blissful good to know
thanks ! ♥

Chris Lendrum

Chris Lendrum Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining - it bores everybody else, does you no good, and doesn't solve any problems. - Zig Ziglar


Cnyelie Auhc Thanks for the reminder

Sj Wonder
Sj Wonder gave Jumana Bader a Carebear
a Carebear

Sending you peace and blessings and divine protection!


Jumana Bader Thank you thank you thank you forever and again... Xoxoxo

Anvay Kolhatkar

Anvay Kolhatkar Bless me with ur positivity guys


Being Branka Blissful blessing you abundantly and , you will succeed, ♥anvay !

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