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What the World is Grateful for Right Now…

Being   Branka Blissful
Being Branka Blissful gave Kathleen Fla, John Rigby, Enoch Greenhood, Margarita Arbelaez a smiley
a smiley

party time !!! who´s coming ?

Being   Branka Blissful

Being Branka Blissful so good to see you all after a day of no glog at all

Being   Branka Blissful

Being Branka Blissful happy happy happy happy happy and grateful !!!!!!

Being   Branka Blissful

Being Branka Blissful i am grateful glog is up
i can´t say how much
so grateful
i just love this place so much
it is like home to me
and you guys are like family

thank you thank you
i love and adore you

Kathleen Fla

Kathleen Fla Today I am grateful to have a new place to stay, as this place is no longer available for me. I'm grateful for air conditioning, I am grateful for my old sweet dog still being with me. I am grateful g… read more

Being   Branka Blissful

Being Branka Blissful One million dollars is only a lot when you don't have it.

With ten million, one million can practically be overlooked and is therefore much less intimidating.

Branka, pretend you have ten mill…
read more

Being   Branka Blissful
Being Branka Blissful gave Małgorzata P a nice cup of tea
a nice cup of tea

welcome back home, malgorzata !


Being Branka Blissful we are having green jasmine tea today.
hope it meets your taste


Sabine Schlachter I am joining your tea party, if this is okay with you. I just need to give you some hugs.

Małgorzata P

Małgorzata P Home. Space. Self time. No pressure. Freedom. Love.


Sabine Schlachter Short and sweet!

Being   Branka Blissful

Being Branka Blissful When that which is god — or that which is that which man wants to call "God" — is being understood by man, man has to translate it into the format he understands. But this Energy, this Source that man… read more

Margarita Arbelaez

Margarita Arbelaez I'm grateful for seen the best in people and situations


Being Branka Blissful that´s my kind of person !

Zirah (B. L.) Hearn

Zirah (B. L.) Hearn Grateful for a very interesting dream, sleeping under a skylight, a big lug of a cat for company, having the experience of a squirrel eating seeds and nuts right out of my hand, finally getting to see… read more


Sabine Schlachter Yes, I hear you, Zirah, my shower buddy!

Cheryl Hill

Cheryl Hill Woke up this morning and realized how amazing this happening was last night - I nearly didn't even notice it.
Grateful for evidence of 'manifesting' so fast....I just LOVE 'signs' - even if they are…
read more


Sabine Schlachter Fantastic, Cheryl! And by the way, I recommend not to get into the habit of talking oneself out of self care. It might make sense to open up to other possibilities of self care, if the one you have in… read more

Sabine Schlachter

Sabine Schlachter I am grateful for songs and at present for this one:


Zirah (B. L.) Hearn Sabine, I had a delightful experience this morning....there's a squirrel where I'm house and cat-sitting that the owners have been feeding for awhile and she paid a visit this morning and took some nu… read more


Sabine Schlachter Yes, Cheryl, I think that stories told through music are the ones that appeal to the heart of people a lot faster than stories that you read on paper.
Nice to read that you like Donovan, too.

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