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What the World is Grateful for Right Now…

Zirah (B. L.) Hearn

Zirah (B. L.) Hearn Hello World & Fellow Gloggers!
This evening I am grateful for a good night's sleep and being able to take my time waking up, for all I got done today, for the blog award, for Cheryl, Peter, Kevin and…
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Amanda D

Amanda D I am grateful for freedom.

Paul Coffey

Paul Coffey Today I am grateful to learn that a friend from afar will also join an event I will be attending later this year, so we have a chance to catch up once more

Doug Perry

Doug Perry I am grateful for another beautiful day and that I can go out and sit in my garden and calm my mind.

Kevin Chin

Kevin Chin I'm grateful for the resilience I'm feeling regardless of some hard truths of this world.

Nelda Siller

Nelda Siller Today I am grateful for nice people I meet on my day to day goings. Just a smile or a "Hi" makes me feel good, I appreciate.

Trisha Dingillo

Trisha Dingillo had a breakthrough day as far as 'alignment' AND I started seeing the numbers again 111 222 333 444...

Josepine Mary

Josepine Mary ~Beauty is not about look,
~Make-up or clothes,
~True beauty comes from being yourself~

Good Morning Everyone.. Have a lovely day..…
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Małgorzata P

Małgorzata P feel like sharing a piece from Louise Hay, thank you Louise.

I Deserve the Best in Life
By Louise Hay

All people deserve happy, fulfilling lives. Like most people, I used to believe that I de…
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Ray Gratis yes to each person imagining their own version of super-wonderful - sometimes it's a challnge to go so big - exhilarating whn you do!

M Stj

M Stj What a beautiful world. I am happy to celebrate Earth Day!!
I am grateful for butterflies ... they float - reminder to self plant a butterfly garden
Love seeing the Fireflies light when I visited Pe…
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Ray Gratis firefiles are amazing! butterflies too ♥

M Stj
M Stj gave Sabine Schlachter the jolly buddha of happiness
the jolly buddha of happiness

Loving see your smiling posts again Sabine


Ray Gratis yes Sabine, this smiley buddha is perfect for you! ♥ what a wonderfull gift M! ♥

Haya Berrou

Haya Berrou I am grateful for this knowing within me that tells me my life is getting better every day and that my dream life is right behind that mountain. It's there and I know the Universe is always responding… read more

Vanessa S
Vanessa S gave Being Branka Blissful peace of mind
peace of mind

Thank you for your welcome, I see you have some great posts!


Being Branka Blissful thank y o u , ♥vanessa !

Cocotte Flores

Cocotte Flores I'm grateful for the focus on pleasure in my life

I'm grateful for the tiredness that reminds me to slow down

I'm grateful for this beautiful windy and warm weather

I'm grateful for the time…
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Veronique B. I am grateful for gardens, too

Sabine Schlachter
Sabine Schlachter gave Haya Berrou a treasure chest
a treasure chest

You are like this treasure chest that shines brightly after opening up. Thanks for showing us the teasures you carry inside. I am blinded by it.


Haya Berrou Thank you ♥♥ you're lovely

Sabine Schlachter
Sabine Schlachter gave Ray Gratis a Carebear
a Carebear

A big hug to soothe the cracks and to wrap a friendly heart around it.


Ray Gratis what a sweet heart you are Sabine, thank you, big hugs! <3

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