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What the World is Grateful for Right Now…

Zirah (B. L.) Hearn

Zirah (B. L.) Hearn Grateful for micro-greens and raw milk cheese from the farmers' market, sweet e-mails from Elaine, Althea and Nancy, reading on the balcony and enjoying nature, a nice walk thru the neighborhood in th… read more

Melody Sullins

Melody Sullins I am grateful today for being able to enjoy the lightness of life. I am grateful that I have spirituality surrounding all that i do and I am grateful to being back in contact with Mind Valley. Thank y… read more

Gloria Jackson

Gloria Jackson Today I was blessed to have a long conversation with my best friend! I am so grateful and thankful for that very special friendship!

Peter Pan

Peter Pan Now there's three things you can do in a baseball game: You can win or you can lose or it can rain.


Purple Daisies or walk the game...

Zakiyyah Taalib Bey

Zakiyyah Taalib Bey If you can fall in love with one thing
about him, her, them, it, or yourself,
just once a day, and speak it aloud,
you'll be surprised by how quickly
it will transform your entire life.

I love…
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Zakiyyah Taalib Bey

Zakiyyah Taalib Bey “The quality of mercy is not strain'd . . . it is twice
blest; It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.”
~William Shakespeare

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is…
read more

Aimee Burgess Thelwell

Aimee Burgess Thelwell I'm super grateful for Mindvalley and all of the resources that they provide to people like me who are on a mission to transform the world!

Ellen Keeting

Ellen Keeting I Am grateful for pure air that rejuvenates, for pure water to cleanse & energize, for pure water to replenish, for pure soil for nutrients & minerals, for pure sun to revitalize & refresh.

Sabine Schlachter

Sabine Schlachter I am grateful for the opportunity to make a little 5-day-trip tomorrow to the Baltic Sea to celebrate my birthday at the sea for the first time in this life. I am so looking forward to the salty air,… read more


Haya Berrou Happy birthday, sweetheart ♥♥♥ MWAH


Ray Gratis oooh lovely!! enjoy! and happy birthday!

Anvay Kolhatkar

Anvay Kolhatkar For be in constant touch of my best buddies, for memories that never perish!!
I love to be human


Being Branka Blissful yep, the best thing ever !

Haya Berrou

Haya Berrou I am grateful for decluttering and for making SPACE.

I love SPACE and spaciousness and filling it up with silly words and childishness

I love you
I'm sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

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Haya Berrou

Haya Berrou I love you
I'm sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you


Ray Gratis yes me too, and the word itself too!!! so musical to say. !

M Stj

M Stj I am grateful for Caroline Myss, Casper cuddles, capabilities and coping.

Then I hear about divine crisis & change crisis:

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Eno 7 M

Thanks for the kind words of support around child rearing. Sounds like you have your hands full as well.

Ray Gratis

Ray Gratis for gorgeous landscape and sky, cool weather, biking, hugs, food offered, connections w others - esp at the store this morning,, was fun, *we*ness,
oui oui oui
pretty flowers on the table
the kids…
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Ray Gratis for friendships

Anvay Kolhatkar
Anvay Kolhatkar gave many friends a ridiculously happy clown
a ridiculously happy clown

Hey guys..hi
How are u?
Am doing good!
Have a bright day ahead guys

· CreativeEnergyFlow

Sabine Schlachter The same to you, Anvay, and thanks for sending happiness our way.

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