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What the World is Grateful for Right Now…

Anna Bardon

Anna Bardon A friend read my popclogs goals list yesterday. Then when I took her to see The Descartes museum she went and paid for a manicure which was on my popclogs list so I could mark it as completed. I love… read more

Lilith White

Lilith White for a stormy beach for the rain that held off just long enough for me and the girlies to have a walk for the sunlight and strong legs to carry me
For my son who is driving me insane at the moment…
read more

Noni  Kaufman

Noni Kaufman I'm grateful in this moment to rediscover the log! yay for gratitude sharing.

Desdemona Falkenstein

Desdemona Falkenstein i am grateful for living in a clean, healthy and fun environment.

Marlie Long
Marlie Long gave Dan M a Rubik's cube
a Rubik's cube

I started reading your blog and am very interested on the content and what you have to say. How can I sign up to participate in discussions with you? I feel like you could offer some very interesting… read more


Dan M Thanks for showing interest in my work. I would love to discuss with you, and help, if I am able to. Just drop me an e-mail to epsdel@gmail...

Anthony Wemyss

Anthony Wemyss I am grateful for everything that is being created within me and its reflection outside of me.

Donna Dlugozima

Donna Dlugozima I am grateful that I can forgive those that have wronged me this week. Even more I am grateful to forgive myself.

Sara Jacquelom

Sara Jacquelom I am so grateful and thankful for my fella, who shares a space with me that is supportive, uplifting, balanced, respectful, and loving

Ellen Keeting

Ellen Keeting Grateful for being, for all the fantastic opportunities to explore our planet, to experience the awesome wonders of mother earth, to see the brilliance, to feel the aweness to hear Gods call, for his… read more


Vivian Dailey Awsome we are truly Blessed, Love and Light Vivian

Kaitlin Gillen
Kaitlin Gillen gave Dan M a cake
a cake

Happy Birthday Dan!


Dan M Thank you, Kaitlin!

Cecilia Trice
Cecilia Trice gave Dan M a treasure chest
a treasure chest

Happy birthday Dan! Enjoy every minuet of this beautiful day. May this treasure chest have a special gift for you.


Dan M Thank you, Cecilia! Let's see what's inside!


Marlie Long Happy birthday Dan!!! Hope you had a great day and have a wonderful start to a new chapter!

Lilith White
Lilith White gave Dan M a cake
a cake

Happy Birthday Dan hope you get many more years to Mix music


Dan M Why, thank you Lilith! I hope so as well. Hugs!

Laura P

Laura P Not feeling grateful at all today. Feeling very very sad and lonely and hopeless, bitter angry neurotic rageful et etc. Especially jealous of anyone who is in any kind of login supportive relationship… read more


Zakiyyah Taalib Bey Beloved, it is OKAY to 'Be' where you are right now. Just a loving suggestion; try not to get 'stuck' there for too long. In fact, it looks like I'm seeing this post about 4 hours after you posted it.… read more


Laura P Thank you for your efforts to help. I think its a kind of mental illness that attacks me from time to time. Generally if I don't post its cos I'm not setting time boundaries an getting ridiculously bu… read more

Małgorzata P
Małgorzata P gave Gabor Marton a free ride to the Moon
a free ride to the Moon

a belated welcome, Gabor! have fun glogging

Małgorzata P

Małgorzata P for the beautiful day it is
for getting up early and taking a shower after gentle excercising
for my lovely little girl
for green tea
and coconut oil


Gabor Marton Thats great to start a day with exercising! Have an awesome day!


Małgorzata P yupp, it just feels so good thank you Gabor, good to meet you. Have a fab day !!

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