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What the World is Grateful for Right Now…

M Stj

M Stj A = awesome Kaz, B = bountiful firewood, C = cashews, D = dry weather, E = elephants, F = clean fireplace, G = g8 girlfriends, H = health , I = islands, J = jam on toast , K = Karen, L = lunch , M = m… read more

Veronique B.
Veronique B. gave Sabine Schlachter a luscious lollipop
a luscious lollipop

hey Sabine ! Too late to post or even read anything but just enough time to send a luscious lollipop to your inner child.
Thank you for the no-nest definition, I like it very much !

Kathleen Fla

Kathleen Fla I could use some LOVE today and some blessings. --- I am feeling kind of in limbo these days and I hope that the next phase of my life -- A GOOD PHASE -- will be starting soon. --- I am ready for the… read more


Veronique B. Holding you and Honey in my thoughts, Kathleen. Virtual hugs plus actual love sent across the ocean right this minute. I think of you often.


Kathleen Fla Thank you, thank you Veronique B!!! I am so glad you think of me often, but I wonder why? What have I posted that deserves your beautiful thoughts and attention. Whatever it is I am happy to be thou… read more

Being   Branka Blissful
Being Branka Blissful gave Sabine Schlachter the Force
the Force

may the force be with you, sabine.
now and always !

Sabine Schlachter
Sabine Schlachter gave Being Branka Blissful a fabulous unicorn
a fabulous unicorn

Riding a unicorn is a great way to cool down when it is hot like that. Just have a seat, enjoy the wind on your skin and in your hair, and be excited to experience the magic that the unicorn has in st… read more


Being Branka Blissful ahhh, i just know i will love this new experience.
thanks for magical ride i am going to take in a minute, sabine.

Sabine Schlachter

Sabine Schlachter I am grateful for being able to give
- love
- understanding
- compassion
- smiles
- songs
- emotional support
- passion
- never-give-up-on-your-dream-energy.

Anyone who wants to join the gl…
read more

Being   Branka Blissful

Being Branka Blissful More than kisses, letters mingle souls.

-- John Donne


Sabine Schlachter Totally! There is so much power and feeling in the written word when it comes from the heart. And you can enjoy them over and over again whenever you feel like it- this is a little more difficult with… read more


Being Branka Blissful hehe ... true
with the passing of time memories tend to fade , don´t they

Cecilia Trice

Cecilia Trice I am grateful for the remolding of my house. I am grateful for money to pay my bills. I am grateful for money to share with my family. I am grateful for the card and letter from Michael. I am grate… read more

Margarita Arbelaez

Margarita Arbelaez I'm grateful for being organized in every aspect of my life, that has definitively made it a lot easier.


Cnyelie Auhc Good for you Margarita

Peter Pan

Peter Pan People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.


Cnyelie Auhc Lets get crazy!!

Being   Branka Blissful

Being Branka Blissful The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.

-- Friedrich Nietzsche


Zirah (B. L.) Hearn I might add...The essence of a beautiful life is gratitude.

Carol        S. Bostick

Carol S. Bostick I am so very grateful for being very flexible....


Being Branka Blissful great !!
good for you, carol

Dora Ramirez

Dora Ramirez I am grateful for having the courage to face my financial situation...

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