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Margarita Arbelaez

Margarita Arbelaez I'm grateful for live and all the good things there are in it.

Cecilia Trice

Cecilia Trice I experience love, joy, and gratitude in the depth of my being on this beautiful morning. The energizing activity of God flows in and through me. I am alive, I am strong and unstoppable. I live in… read more

Hayet Shahrezaey
Hayet Shahrezaey gave Mona Sh some love
some love

Gratitude is the key to unlock the blessings of the universe.
Love is the energy of which that key is made.
I love you and I am totally grateful to have you for a daughter.

Being   Branka Blissful
Being Branka Blissful gave Sun S a high-five
a high-five

a happy hello from "my" island of usedom, sepideh !
may you have a beautiful sunday


Sun S Thank you and a BIG "hello" to you in your island!!!!! Miss you so much! Have a wonderful weekend, Branka!


Being Branka Blissful thanks honey
this feels really, really good to me !

Thao Nguyen

Thao Nguyen The Lord is my Strength and Song; and He has become my Salvation. The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tents and private dwellings of the [uncompromisingly] righteous: the right hand of the… read more

Being   Branka Blissful

Being Branka Blissful I'm going to be happy. I'm going to skip. I'm going to be glad. I'm going to smile a lot. I'm going to be easy. I'm going to count my blessings. I'm going to look for reasons to feel good. I'm going t… read more

Margarita Arbelaez

Margarita Arbelaez I'm grateful for today's lunch.

Being   Branka Blissful

Being Branka Blissful For me, trees have always been the most penetrating preachers. In their highest boughs the world rustles, their roots rest in infinity; but they do not lose themselves there.

-- Hermann Hesse

Ray Gratis

Ray Gratis in my dream, you were there and as in my repeated so many times history not interested, and then a light bulb went on, and i thought - wow, I can choose what to pay attention to here, and there must b… read more


Being Branka Blissful awesome insight , ray !!


Veronique B. Love and adore your own amazing self, Ray !
If I may give you unrequited advice, which is the most annoying sort ...

Being   Branka Blissful

Being Branka Blissful You cannot worry about someone and love them at the same time. Most people mistake the emotion of worry for the emotion of love. They think that worrying about somebody means that you love them.

read more


Ray Gratis no fear, love!


Being Branka Blissful no fear, no worry
just love

thanks ray !

Being   Branka Blissful
Being Branka Blissful gave Veronique B. the Super
the Super

love your presence , veronique
thank you for stopping by !


Veronique B. My pleasure, Branka !
Thanks for welcoming me even though it was just a very quick visit the other day
it makes this place feel even more lovely

Being   Branka Blissful

Being Branka Blissful If you get a diagnosis that is not what you want to hear, the tendency is to say, "Oh, my god! How did I get so far away from something I want so much?" And we say, it isn't big like that at all — it'… read more


Veronique B. but it isn't big like that at all... yes ! Let's take the drama out of it ! If it's just a series of little things, then surely I can set things right again by doing a series of small things in hte ot… read more

Dionne Paige

Dionne Paige I am so grateful and thankful that I have the sun shining on my face.


Zirah (B. L.) Hearn Isn't that a great feeling?

Zakiyyah Taalib Bey

Zakiyyah Taalib Bey Greetings Fam, I know I've been off the grid for a long time. I miss you guys. I'll be back on regularly soon. I'm in IT school and it's taking ALL my time. I decided to stop by here and touch base as… read more


Zirah (B. L.) Hearn Hey you! Glad to have you peek in on us!


Veronique B. Hi Zakiyyah, welcome back !! Wonderful to know you're still part of the family, plus learning something new - enjoy your time-eating course

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