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What the World is Grateful for Right Now…

Vivian Dailey

Vivian Dailey Very grateful enjoying time with my sister she is visiting here for couple weeks so special time. Thank you Thank you!

Being   Branka Blissful

Being Branka Blissful Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.

-- Desmond Tutu

Peter Pan

Peter Pan Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings. Big results require big ambitions.

Being   Branka Blissful

Being Branka Blissful for peace and quiet

Being   Branka Blissful

Being Branka Blissful The best you can do for anyone is to thrive fully and be willing to explain to anyone who asks how it is that you are thriving, and what it is that you've discovered—and then, just relax and trust tha… read more

Being   Branka Blissful

Being Branka Blissful being on the right path
thank you
i love you

Peter Pan

Peter Pan The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.

Being   Branka Blissful
Being Branka Blissful gave Sabine Schlachter a kitten
a kitten

good morning sunshine !!

Sabine Schlachter

Sabine Schlachter I am grateful for the treat and the pleasure of reading these gratitude posts,
for all the inspiration and the amazing people who shared them,
for good vibes,
open hearts,
dreams on their way,
read more


Zirah (B. L.) Hearn Hey, Sabine, fyi I'm getting ready to take a hot shower, so I'm thinking of you.

Sabine Schlachter
Sabine Schlachter gave Being Branka Blissful a star
a star

Sending you the evening star to twinkle love, joy, and happiness on your way and into your dreams, sister-in-twinkle.


Being Branka Blissful oh gosh, how sweet is that ?!!
thank you, sabine
i so love this message !

Sabine Schlachter
Sabine Schlachter gave Veronique B. a treasure chest
a treasure chest

My dearest goddess of words,
this treasure chest is for you filled with all my love, admiration, joy, smiles, heartsongs, creative reverie, gratitude, connectedness, fluffy soul-hugs, amazement, blo…
read more


Veronique B. Woo wee ! All this, just for me ? You mean me ? The woman with the creaky bicycle ?
Thank you so much Sabine, for being my fan, for being my friend and for the rain of wonders you have just magicked i…
read more

Being   Branka Blissful

Being Branka Blissful for the money in the bank
for the feeling of security
for the work i am doing
for being payed for what i am doing
for loving my life
for being able to make changes
for taking responsibility for…
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Zirah (B. L.) Hearn I bet those "failures" are just things that turned out differently than expected or planned, but good learning experiences, nine the less.


Being Branka Blissful lessons they sure enough are, zirah ! and i choose to need not repeat them

Being   Branka Blissful

Being Branka Blissful for blue nail polish, coffee in my cup, stravinsky on my coffee table and abraham in my ears ! i am desireless


Sabine Schlachter Hehe, I just read Stravinsky in my coffee and laughed my ass off thinking how big your coffee mug must be and how interesting the coffe would taste with cat flavour.
Obviously I read enough this e…
read more


Being Branka Blissful yuck
i sure do love stravi, but coffee with cat flavor ... no thanks !!

Being   Branka Blissful

Being Branka Blissful hello and good morning, beautiful world !


Sabine Schlachter Hello and good evening, beautiful Branka!

Cnyelie Auhc

Cnyelie Auhc Thankful for the free ballet performance show...it was amazing

Margarita Arbelaez

Margarita Arbelaez I'm grateful for tomorrow I'm traveling for work to another city.


Zirah (B. L.) Hearn Have a safe, fun trip!

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