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Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson

Grateful since June 25, 2009

Andrew Mclean
Andrew Mclean gave Brian Johnson a ladybug
a ladybug

Love your you tube stuff buddy. U rock

Loribeth Pierson
Loribeth Pierson gave Brian Johnson a smiley
a smiley

Smile it is FREE

La Shawn Wilburn
La Shawn Wilburn gave Brian Johnson a hot-air balloon
a hot-air balloon

thanks for the welcome! Have a good day on purpose!!!

Mary Cox
Mary Cox gave Brian Johnson some love
some love


Jeanie Yarnell
Jeanie Yarnell gave Brian Johnson a puppy
a puppy

Looking forward to the journey!

June Saint
June Saint gave Brian Johnson a sports car
a sports car

thankyou for your welcome

Stephanie Bryant
Stephanie Bryant gave Brian Johnson a flower
a flower

Thanks for recommending this website.


Rupa Sirisha i am so greatful for coffe with friends

Rosalie Taran
Rosalie Taran gave Brian Johnson a cup of coffee
a cup of coffee

Thank you for your welcome!!1 Congratulations to you and your bride!!

Leonie Bartlett
Leonie Bartlett gave Brian Johnson a talking parrot
a talking parrot

Thank you for your welcome to Gratitudelog ..

Vulcan Lass
Vulcan Lass gave Brian Johnson an apple
an apple

Thank you for welcoming me, Brian! Have an awesome day!

Kevin Barnett
Kevin Barnett gave Brian Johnson a star
a star

Thank you for your Optimal Living programme - helping make sense of a beautiful if sometimes confusing world !

Kika Schunemann
Kika Schunemann gave Brian Johnson a smiley
a smiley

Thank You!

Jane Cerullo
Jane Cerullo gave Brian Johnson a cake
a cake

Love your videos. You are always so cheerful and uplifting.

Jumana Bader
Jumana Bader gave Brian Johnson a flower
a flower

Grateful for your advice to join this site

Stephanie Kilroy
Stephanie Kilroy gave Brian Johnson a puppy
a puppy

Thanks. I really enjoy your Philosophers Notes.

Dan Klarman
Dan Klarman gave Brian Johnson a talking parrot
a talking parrot

Thanks for the hospitality!

Pushpa R
Pushpa R gave Brian Johnson a blank check
a blank check

Enjoyed you notes..

Salina Ellis
Salina Ellis gave Brian Johnson a gorilla
a gorilla

Thanks for getting me on this log book!!

Kristen Palm
Kristen Palm gave Brian Johnson a private island
a private island

Thanks for welcoming me to gratitudelog!

Rick Wiltse
Rick Wiltse gave Brian Johnson Yin-yang harmony
Yin-yang harmony

Hello Brian,
Each time I read or listen to one of your notes I am more grateful for this phenomenal idea and the great way you make it happen. Much better than practicing law!

Lindsay Day
Lindsay Day gave Brian Johnson a bliss bomb
a bliss bomb

Keep up the good work! I love everything you do

Toni Milne
Toni Milne gave Brian Johnson the jolly buddha of happiness
the jolly buddha of happiness

Thank you Brian - I have the full Philosopher's Notes set, and am slowly making my way through. Your notes have opened my eyes and my mind to so many concepts as I work my way towards being the best p… read more

Betty Horn
Betty Horn gave Brian Johnson a nice cup of tea
a nice cup of tea

Thanks Brian!

Rick Wiltse
Rick Wiltse gave Brian Johnson a hot-air balloon
a hot-air balloon

Hi Brian, I have your entire Philosophers Notes collection. It is worth way more than the purchase price. The notes have already enhanced my life and I have just begun to study them. Thank you for… read more


Greg Knudtson Really like the The Way of the Superior Man review on PN

Amanda Eyssallenne
Amanda Eyssallenne gave Brian Johnson a gratitude rock
a gratitude rock

Hey Brian! I want to extend my gratitude to you for working so joyfully and diligently on the philosophers notes and sharing them with others, including myself. They have already helped me to shift ma… read more

Joanne  Wendt
Joanne Wendt gave Brian Johnson a monkey
a monkey

Hi Brian, I wanted to give you a monkey, but don't seem to know how to do it. Anyway a monkey to you, for all the spirited time you spend in videos. They add to my life, I'm very grateful of them. T… read more

Harnoor Kaur
Harnoor Kaur gave Brian Johnson a flower
a flower

Thankyou Brian.. for the philosopher's notes.. these truly helping me in taking my knowlege to higher levels day by day.. thankyou once again..

Judy Harris
Judy Harris gave Brian Johnson Yin-yang harmony
Yin-yang harmony

Hi Brian, thanks so much for your welcome. And, thank you SO MUCH for all you do. For all your inspiring talks with the Philosophers Notes. They, and you are Awesome!!

Ian Van Der Walt
Ian Van Der Walt gave Brian Johnson sunshine

Thanks for all your insights and great energy : )

Valérie Lecomte
Valérie Lecomte gave Brian Johnson a rock star
a rock star

Hello ! Have a good day !