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Burt Goldman

Burt Goldman

Grateful since December 01, 2008

Loribeth Pierson
Loribeth Pierson gave Burt Goldman a hot-air balloon
a hot-air balloon


Gregory Roumpos
Gregory Roumpos gave Burt Goldman a golden key
a golden key

Burt - Thank you for being a great mentor and for your Quantum Jumping Ultimate Edition. Loved listening and Learning.

Timothy Kuit
Timothy Kuit gave Burt Goldman a dragon baby
a dragon baby

Burt, It makes me very happy watching your video's. I am so excited what is to come of my life now that I can plan my goals for the coming years. I want to do so much, learn much and teach others too.… read more

La Shawn Wilburn
La Shawn Wilburn gave Burt Goldman a shamrock
a shamrock

thanks for the welcome! Have a good day on purpose!!!

Melody Sullins
Melody Sullins gave Burt Goldman a potted bonsai
a potted bonsai

Peace and harmony to you, Burt!

Jeanie Yarnell
Jeanie Yarnell gave Burt Goldman footprints

Thanks Burt. I am looking forward to the changes in my life and others.


Melody Sullins You rock Burt. Thank you for changing my world!

June Saint
June Saint gave Burt Goldman a star
a star

thanks for my treasure chest Burt and glad to meet you

Leonie Bartlett
Leonie Bartlett gave Burt Goldman a sports car
a sports car

Thank you Burt for your welcome to Gratitudelog.

Elise Perez
Elise Perez gave Burt Goldman a ninja
a ninja

Ninja! I thought this was so cute and funny! Thanks so much for your friendship.

Vulcan Lass
Vulcan Lass gave Burt Goldman a rock star
a rock star

Thank you for welcoming me, Burt! Have an awesome day! I am going to enjoy my treasures in the treasure chest you gave me.

Kika Schunemann
Kika Schunemann gave Burt Goldman a star
a star

Thank You!

Ellen Keeting
Ellen Keeting gave Burt Goldman ruby slippers
ruby slippers

Thank you dear Burt for all that you have taught me, you are truly one of the most amazing benefits to mankind. smile with joy you deserve to. have an awesome week Burt, sending you all that is great… read more

Judy Harris
Judy Harris gave Burt Goldman a fortune cookie
a fortune cookie

Hi Burt. Thank your or your welcome. Thank you for all the awesome work that you are doing and inspiring the world. We all need more people like you!!

Kim Garcia
Kim Garcia gave Burt Goldman ruby slippers
ruby slippers

Mr Goldman - I was not aware that you were on this site. Yet another thing I have to be grateful for! I have a HUGE interest in Quantum Jumping and have followed one of your exercises - I went to a… read more

Asoka Fernando
Asoka Fernando gave Burt Goldman Yin-yang harmony
Yin-yang harmony

As I love this symbol since childhood, I want to send this yin-yang to you so it may evolve its meaning always with you.

Lin Schussler Williams
Lin Schussler Williams gave Burt Goldman an Inner Compass
an Inner Compass

Yeah, Burt! I am grateful for the ways your teachings have enhanced my inner compass!

Lisa Peters
Lisa Peters gave Burt Goldman a private island
a private island

Happy to be in such a paradise!

Maria Vandermey
Maria Vandermey gave Burt Goldman the jolly buddha of happiness
the jolly buddha of happiness

Thanks for the warm welcome and gift.

Alena .
Alena . gave Burt Goldman Earth

Just made my first quantum jump today. Thank you for your contribution to all of us 'jumpers'

Shanaaz Mia
Shanaaz Mia gave Burt Goldman an energy ball
an energy ball

I am grateful for your talk at the 6th tapping summit

Batto Mataya
Batto Mataya gave Burt Goldman sunshine

Thank you for the treasure chest burt, I stumbled onto your quantum jumping videos around the time I did this website, and I just happened to find you here!.. have some sunshine.. and keep improving p… read more

Tania Urbanovich
Tania Urbanovich gave Burt Goldman Earth

Thank you!!!

Pamela Maccosham
Pamela Maccosham gave Burt Goldman an awesome trophy
an awesome trophy

thank you.

Dandi Zandra
Dandi Zandra gave Burt Goldman a piggy bank
a piggy bank


Kim Garcia
Kim Garcia gave Burt Goldman a smiley
a smiley

Burt - I did not even know you were on my list of contacts - I love your quantum jumping videos, so I am sending you a smiley face because you are a good teacher and an inspiration as well. Thank you… read more

Sarah Arensi
Sarah Arensi gave Burt Goldman a star
a star

So happy to be on board!! Thank so much! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Cynthia Okeefe
Cynthia Okeefe gave Burt Goldman a star
a star

Burt, your guidance has helped me along my path - thank you!


Khady Zaidi Hello dear;

How is everything with you? I picked interest in you after going through your profile. I really want to have a good friendship with you. Beside i have something very important to disclose…
read more

Maria Castro
Maria Castro gave Burt Goldman a soccer ball
a soccer ball

Thank you for your welcome to GratitudeLog


Ellen Keeting Hey Burt, i find you everywhere that is good & wholesome, theres a message for us all in that. Many blessings dear burt, you have certainly helped me.

Kristin  Keller
Kristin Keller gave Burt Goldman a smiley
a smiley

Hi Burt! Thank you so much for sharing your Quantum Jumping program! It's Beautiful! It's a powerful tool, I love the way it shifts me instantly when I feel stuck in an emotion or get lost in some cha… read more

Michelle Bairaktaris
Michelle Bairaktaris gave Burt Goldman the Super
the Super

How awesome is this!!! Yay!! Glad to be here