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Charlie Gourlis

Charlie Gourlis

Grateful since August 26, 2012

Today I'm grateful for the tightness of my family, the loyalty and love of my dog, my ability to access needed books, and my ability to express myself in writing.

Grateful for the funny dog running away in his dreams next to me. Grateful for another good yoga class. Grateful for my education and the opportunities it's created for me. Grateful for family (and be… read more

Grateful for an amazing yoga class tonight! Even better is that Jake has settled in here and just keeps becoming a better-behaved dog everyday! Grateful for the chance to sleep in everyday, read great… read more

Grateful for the flexibility at work to take time off! Grateful for the family waiting for me and the well-behaved dog coming along.

Today, I'm grateful for a new beginning, the chance to start over, the hope the vast unknown future brings, the way the clouds glide across the Miami sky, and the Boxer passed out next to me as I writ… read more

1.) Being healthy
2.) Being happy today(!)
3.) That my dog loves me
4.) Tomorrow is a new day to enjoy
5.) My dad's love