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Helene Maillard

gratitude123456 Helene Maillard

grateful for all the blessings and miracles taking place every day

Junmin Chen

c8jm Junmin Chen, China

Friends best!

assist you all to buy products from factories in china soon or to set up enterprises here, so visit often.

Annette Kingsley

annettekingsley Annette Kingsley, United Kingdom

"All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much." George Harrison
Had a lovely 4th birthday for Kioko-Amari, grateful for the girls and their health and happiness.

Isaac Neufeld

isaacneufeld Isaac Neufeld, Canada

Grateful to be able to go kayaking, and for my good rain coat

Cat Whispurrer

dmt Cat Whispurrer, Canada

Giving thanks to Bine for spending 2 hrs catching up, inspiring me, to Mother Nature for showering us with that much needed drenching for the parched earth, dying foliage, for angels protecting me an…

Mary Ann Wehe

beachbaby Mary Ann Wehe

It's Monday and I am grateful for a new day.

Tom Treinen

tommy742 Tom Treinen, United States

Today I am grateful for my ability to stay focused...

Shivana Inalsingh

shivana Shivana Inalsingh

So grateful for my family, friends and clients who help me grow in remarkable ways.

Joy  Timmons

joytimmons Joy Timmons, United States

children that make mistakes that end up teaching us great life lessons so we can still grow~Bless them

Yvonne Skudder

skuddy Yvonne Skudder, Australia

Hi Everyone, Great to be back chatting with you all. It is always sooo great when you get a light bulb moment. I was reading a report today, about manifesting, and while it reads as easy stuff to do, …

Maggie Bee

claire26 Maggie Bee, Australia

For the gift of NOW--"When you are present in this moment, you break the continuity of your story, of past and future. Then true intelligence arises, and also love. The only way love can comeinto your…

Apra B

apra Apra B


Brandon Tuss

brandontuss Brandon Tuss

Air travel and the experience of seeing so many different people, all with a story to tell...

Rebecca Fortin

butrcup Rebecca Fortin, United States

The most beautiful day. Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxoxoxox

Jenny Z

jennyz Jenny Z, Lebanon

Grateful for the great news I heard yesterday....

Bobby Paterson

bobbyp Bobby Paterson, United Kingdom

I am so grateful for an awesome 'Personal Projects' session at the Apple Store this morning - these guys are so helpful!

Kimberly Laura Malone

koawood888 Kimberly Laura Malone, United States

gratitude today is for loving partners, secruts being splayed wide open, warm soft air, sweet bad boys and all the unapologetic good ones.

Lucien Gagnon

lucien Lucien Gagnon, Canada

Happy Sunday, March 06, 2011

Good morning my friend !

Hello to the flow of life :-)

I am so happy and grateful to …

Beverley O'Brien

bev Beverley O'Brien, United States

Winners expect to win in advance: Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy

Mary Daniels

marita7 Mary Daniels, United States

for the signs of spring and personal renewal

Chris Allen

chris3win Chris Allen, United States

I am grateful for new opportunities. I am grateful that I get to travel and build a business. I am grateful for team members who are as committed as I am. I am grateful for the blessings of family.…

Nancy Battye

nancybattye Nancy Battye, Canada

I'm grateful for the support, encouragement and kindness of my social media friends
I'm grateful for the love and kindness of my friends that encourage my daily life
I'm grateful for the ability to…

amos08153 Amos Carreiro, United States

I am grateful for the love i have of my friends and family i have found that in god we find forgiveness and love. If we forgive others who hurt us we can forgive ourselves and allowing our inner bein…

Jeanne Ranger

givejrashott Jeanne Ranger

I am happy and grateful to have choices. Whenever a thought comes up, even a negative thought, there is a split nano-second moment of time wherein I am at choice about how to react to that thought. I …

Emily Rose

emilyrose Emily Rose, United Kingdom

I am grateful that I have just shared my gratitude posts with my wonderfully special soul Mam...
She deserves the entire Earth and all the amazing things on it...
She means the world to me.
I love …

Lisa Tell

lisatell Lisa Tell, United States

I am soooo grateful to have finally gotten the call that allows me to go to training to become a volunteer victims advocate in my county. Been wanting to do this for several years now.

Arun Kumar

arunkumar Arun Kumar, India

Smile It's Tax free.....

Alex Fambri

alexfambri Alex Fambri

Grateful for the cool breeze of a fall morning as it sweeps through the house.

Calli Graham

callig Calli Graham, Australia

Thankyou for this beautiful. Thankyou for the jobs that are lined up for me. Thankyou for the income that is already rightfully mine. Thankyou for the abundance which provides everything I've asked fo…

Marianne De Zwart

mariannedz Marianne De Zwart, Netherlands

I am grateful to be able to communicate with so many people around the world via internet. Being connected this way it gives the feeling to be one with all of us. Which is so.