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Mike Reining

Mike Reining

Grateful since November 28, 2008

Margaret  Smith
Margaret Smith gave Mike Reining a pet dragon
a pet dragon

Thanks Mike for the Space & Time Shared thru Glog - If I can rembr I coined the word Glog - coz did not want to type the whole form .....
Thank you for everything & for creating Glog!!! It sure…
read more

· We all love you Mike thank you
Georg Rachun
Georg Rachun gave Mike Reining Kenny

Hi Mike, I am appreciating you today, enjoy!

Zirah (B. L.) Hearn
Zirah (B. L.) Hearn gave Mike Reining a Rubik's cube
a Rubik's cube

It's a puzzle I can't figure out. Have been promoting GL since I joined a number of yrs ago and a person I referred to GL today said you aren't taking sign-ups anymore. I wondered why on the community… read more


Being Branka Blissful thanks so much for this question, zirah.
have been wanting to do that myself...


Being Branka Blissful not necessarily people who think like i do
but people who´ve awakened to their own power

La Shawn Wilburn
La Shawn Wilburn gave Mike Reining peace

thanks for the welcome! Have a good day on purpose!!!

Chrissy Strawn
Chrissy Strawn gave Mike Reining a sports car
a sports car

Mike, Thank you for your kind welcome to the group I started. How do I recruit more members?

Tahajib Alam
Tahajib Alam gave Mike Reining a butterfly
a butterfly

Hello Mike, I am very glad to be a member of such a great place. I hope that I will be a positive contributor of this site. And also hope that I will learn many great lessons to make a happy life from… read more

Shelly Lynott
Shelly Lynott gave Mike Reining Yin-yang harmony
Yin-yang harmony

What a beautiful ripple effect you have created...way to be true to you! Thank you Mike for such a cool tool

Jeanie Yarnell
Jeanie Yarnell gave Mike Reining a secret scroll
a secret scroll

Thanks for all your hard work in creating this site. I know many people are benefitting from it and I look forward to becoming a part of it.

June Saint
June Saint gave Mike Reining a sandcastle
a sandcastle

thankyou Mike for the cake......You look like to me you would enjoy building a sand castle

Rosalie Taran
Rosalie Taran gave Mike Reining a ninja
a ninja

This is sooooo awesome! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Leonie Bartlett
Leonie Bartlett gave Mike Reining a rainbow in the clouds
a rainbow in the clouds

Thank you Mike for your welcome to Gratitudelog...

Elise Perez
Elise Perez gave Mike Reining a free ride to the Moon
a free ride to the Moon

I love your company and I would love to be around the people that you are around every day. Sending you this rocket so that you may keep reaching your goals!

Vulcan Lass
Vulcan Lass gave Mike Reining a cookie
a cookie

Thank you for the cake, Mike! Here, have a yummy cookie! Enjoy your awesome day!

Kika Schunemann
Kika Schunemann gave Mike Reining a luscious lollipop
a luscious lollipop

Thank You!!!

Rae Denn
Rae Denn gave Mike Reining a treasure map
a treasure map

Thank you for creating a place for all to assemble to share their happiness

Stephanie Kilroy
Stephanie Kilroy gave Mike Reining the Golden Ticket
the Golden Ticket

Thanks. Here is one for you.

Victoria Macdonald
Victoria Macdonald gave Mike Reining sunshine

Thank you Mike here is some sunshine for you

Heather Anderson
Heather Anderson gave Mike Reining sunshine

This is a great concept, thank you for bringing it to the world.

Margaret Weber
Margaret Weber gave Mike Reining Earth

Thank you Mike helping create this website. I want to be part of it, not only here, but in my personal existence.

Kristen Palm
Kristen Palm gave Mike Reining a monkey
a monkey

Thanks for sending me a cake and a welcome message. You get a monkey!

Gokulalakshmi S
Gokulalakshmi S gave Mike Reining the Super
the Super

Thank you for creating this and including me as part of your community!!!

Betty Horn
Betty Horn gave Mike Reining a treasure map
a treasure map

Thank you for your welcome and your time!

Isabella Scarlett
Isabella Scarlett gave Mike Reining sunshine

Sunshine for you. Thanks for creating GratitudeLog.

Marlisa Vankemseke
Marlisa Vankemseke gave Mike Reining a puppy
a puppy

Thanks for the gift! Here is one from me to you.

Anjali Khatri
Anjali Khatri gave Mike Reining a flower
a flower

Thank you, Awesome thought behind this site

Sepi Seper
Sepi Seper gave Mike Reining a smiley
a smiley

Thank you for this wonderful gift to humanity.

Judy Harris
Judy Harris gave Mike Reining a shamrock
a shamrock

Hi Mike. Thank you for your warm welcome. Thank you for creating the great site. Thank your for all your work with MindValley. You and your work are awesome!! Thank you!!

Anne Burlinson
Anne Burlinson gave Mike Reining a flower
a flower

Thank you for the warm welcome Mike! I'm grateful to be part of the community. All the best with your work

Asoka Fernando
Asoka Fernando gave Mike Reining a slam dunk
a slam dunk

I want to give you a slam dunk, because thats exactly what you did creating this site!

Anita Vroonland.Com
Anita Vroonland.Com gave Mike Reining an awesome trophy
an awesome trophy

Thanks for creating this site, Mike. Fantastic!