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Mike Reining

Mike Reining

Grateful since November 28, 2008

Judy Harris
Judy Harris gave Mike Reining a shamrock
a shamrock

Hi Mike. Thank you for your warm welcome. Thank you for creating the great site. Thank your for all your work with MindValley. You and your work are awesome!! Thank you!!

Anne Burlinson
Anne Burlinson gave Mike Reining a flower
a flower

Thank you for the warm welcome Mike! I'm grateful to be part of the community. All the best with your work

Asoka Schuster
Asoka Schuster gave Mike Reining a slam dunk
a slam dunk

I want to give you a slam dunk, because thats exactly what you did creating this site!

Anita Vroonland
Anita Vroonland gave Mike Reining an awesome trophy
an awesome trophy

Thanks for creating this site, Mike. Fantastic!

Lisa Peters
Lisa Peters gave Mike Reining a cup of coffee
a cup of coffee

Good morning and thank for the warm welcome!

Maria Vandermey
Maria Vandermey gave Mike Reining a sports car
a sports car

People like you needs lots of cool gifts. Thank you for your creation.

Jo King
Jo King gave Mike Reining some love
some love

Sending this gratitude to you in light & love.

Shanaaz Mia
Shanaaz Mia gave Mike Reining sunshine

Thanks I love cake and celebrations.

Karen  C
Karen C gave Mike Reining a cookie
a cookie

Sweet idea this gratitude log!

Jesseca Kalawe
Jesseca Kalawe gave Mike Reining a smiley
a smiley

Thank you!

Taquilla Matthews
Taquilla Matthews gave Mike Reining a fortune cookie
a fortune cookie

Thank you so. (The state of flow)

Pamela Maccosham
Pamela Maccosham gave Mike Reining the Super
the Super

thank you.

Dandi Zandra
Dandi Zandra gave Mike Reining a flower
a flower


Swati Kc
Swati Kc gave Mike Reining a smiley
a smiley

Thank you!

Nandhini V
Nandhini V gave Mike Reining a smiley
a smiley

Thanks for the warm welcome Mike!

Jithin Nedumala
Jithin Nedumala gave Mike Reining a shamrock
a shamrock

Thanks for creating this website

Sarah Arensi
Sarah Arensi gave Mike Reining Yin-yang harmony
Yin-yang harmony

So happy to be on board!! Thank so much! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Moiz Rassiwala
Moiz Rassiwala gave Mike Reining a bliss bomb
a bliss bomb


Csilla Sebestyen
Csilla Sebestyen gave Mike Reining a Rubik's cube
a Rubik's cube

Here's a gift back.

Cynthia Okeefe
Cynthia Okeefe gave Mike Reining a sandcastle
a sandcastle

Thanks for the great site - I am looking forward to immersing myself as much as possible and sharing it with other willing souls.

Bronwyn Clee
Bronwyn Clee gave Mike Reining a smiley
a smiley

Hi Mike!I'm trying to upload a profile picture to the group "Sacred Space" and after several attempts am still have not success. Nor can I load the Help, FAQs or Feedback links. I'd be most grateful i… read more


Ellen Keeting Hi Mike, i too am experiencing tech problems when trying to access help page etc, all it says is Data error. i am searching someone who sent me a message but cant find them, its in the united states a… read more

Maria Castro
Maria Castro gave Mike Reining Kenny

Thank you for your message last night. I really appreciate

Kristin  Keller
Kristin Keller gave Mike Reining a potted bonsai
a potted bonsai

Hi Mike! Thank you for Gratitude Log! I love the way this has been set up, very uplifting indeed!

Justina Nicholas
Justina Nicholas gave Mike Reining a palm tree
a palm tree

Thank you for all the life you will be pumping into me with your words of gratitude.

Giselle Ribeiro
Giselle Ribeiro gave Mike Reining a pet dragon
a pet dragon

Thank you for creating such a great platform to express gratitude.

Tania Urbanovich
Tania Urbanovich gave Mike Reining a cake
a cake

Hi Mike, thanks for the gift & your welcome words! I'm sending you the cake you've given, so that we could taste it together!

Tania Houle
Tania Houle gave Mike Reining a flower
a flower

Awesome site, sharing what you are grateful for is energizing!

Tuana Inscore
Tuana Inscore gave Mike Reining a smiley
a smiley

Thank you for the welcome!

Kim Garcia
Kim Garcia gave Mike Reining peace

Thanks for creating another peace portal in my world!

Graeme Johnson
Graeme Johnson gave Mike Reining a smiley
a smiley

Thank you for welcoming me here Mike. Have a fantastic day.