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Elena Florida Saviuc

Elena Florida Saviuc

Grateful since January 09, 2012

I am grateful today for just being here, for brething the air I breath, for having the Sun shine everyday, for....just being....

I am grateful for having by my side beautiful friends, beautiful people that put a smile on my face by just being here for me in the least expected ways and moments....

Today I am grateful for the love I have in my heart for a very special person in my life, and not only for him, for all the people I know and appreciate.

This morning I can say that I am grateful for the day before, for having learned new things about myself and how I should react in stressful situations, actually how to respond, now to react. I am gr… read more

Today I am greatful for having read the amazing words in one of Purpose Fairy`s articles, "Why being oneself matters", an article on how being authentic is one brings you peace, bliss, fulfillment and… read more