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Shaina Davis

Shaina Davis

Grateful since November 04, 2010

Gave candy to a friend

: )

"May your cells sing with happiness and your life take on new joyful meaning with positive harmonics."

-artist, Elleyne Kase

Gave Ginny Williams a palm tree
a palm tree

evergreen plants give me joy in the snowy weather, thank you for this time to appreciate water, it is indelible

Gave Tom Treinen footprints

barefoot on the earths ground I smile and am glad for the words you have shared

· Healing for our planet

Kathy Turtle The best feeling. xx


Tom Treinen Thank you Shaina, I really appreciate that...

My anxiety is being cooed away

I will take Today as it is; who I interact with and what surrounds me, we are connected

“i was borne of laughter i crayve to meet light that rivals my own said the shiningstar whose rays are echoes of my joy from Love always”

To be in this place or that place in mind, body, spirit or mental state is at this point a limitless undertaking. I am grateful my soul found this body and is fighting to make a difference

Gave a mysterious flying saucer to a friend
a mysterious flying saucer

wooo let's tail that next dust cloud and go for a ride round the universe

A friend who remembered innocence, for in innocence there is trust- abounding and unquestionable.