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Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani

Grateful since November 28, 2008

Michele Hahn
Michele Hahn gave Vishen Lakhiani Yin-yang harmony
Yin-yang harmony

Thanks for your inspiring vision and for enlightening so many!

Jayaseelan Matheswaran
Jayaseelan Matheswaran gave Vishen Lakhiani a potted bonsai
a potted bonsai

Its You Vishen. Beacuse You only I got to know the Important things in my Life in a very Shorter Time. Starting from Silva Life System to now the Love or Above! All are Massively helpful for my Und… read more

Isabella Scarlett
Isabella Scarlett gave Vishen Lakhiani Yin-yang harmony
Yin-yang harmony

I'm giving you Ying and Yang - so that you shall have best of both worlds. You helped me so much with mindvalley, self empowerment and personal growth. THANK YOU.

Kat Hinkle
Kat Hinkle gave Vishen Lakhiani peace

Thank you!

Mosope Obikoya
Mosope Obikoya gave Vishen Lakhiani a note

Thank you soo much for your motivating words, got to learn about you at a training I attended last week (The HOUR School) in Lagos, Nigeria. Your presentation was one of the video training materials.… read more

Starangel Chereka
Starangel Chereka gave Vishen Lakhiani a high-five
a high-five

YOU are living!
good for you,

Theresa Fowler
Theresa Fowler gave Vishen Lakhiani a smiley
a smiley

This site is so cool!!!

Judy Harris
Judy Harris gave Vishen Lakhiani a private island
a private island

Hi Vishen. Thank you for your welcome. And thank you for all you do. MindValley is so very inspiring and has so much valuable information I hardly know where to begin. Thank you, Thank you!!

Lindsay Kinniburgh
Lindsay Kinniburgh gave Vishen Lakhiani a star
a star

Thank you so much for your talk on Why Happiness is the New Productivity. Driving home from work a few nights ago it dawned on me that in order to wake up happy everyday, which is my main goal followe… read more

Damariz Winborne
Damariz Winborne gave Vishen Lakhiani a treasure chest
a treasure chest

So thankful for your vision. Mindvalley is a true treasure trove!!

Valérie Lecomte
Valérie Lecomte gave Vishen Lakhiani a flower
a flower

Thank you for yesterday's Experts Share ! Loved it !

Marius Tenchin
Marius Tenchin gave Vishen Lakhiani a treasure map
a treasure map

Yo baby I am grateful for your vision

Glenn Mate
Glenn Mate gave Vishen Lakhiani sunshine

Thank you for sharing your life lessons, skills and abilities! I give to you the image of the sun. For me, the sun brings warmth and healing. When I feel the suns rays upon my face, it gives me a sens… read more

Nkatha Mwiraria
Nkatha Mwiraria gave Vishen Lakhiani a smiley
a smiley

Asante Sana...Nairobi, Kenya

Lorna Johnson
Lorna Johnson gave Vishen Lakhiani sunshine

Hi Vishen! I have followed MindValley for some time now and am so excited to be joining the gratitude community! I am doing Christie Marie Sheldon's Unlimited Abundance and Love or Above programs and… read more

Asoka Schuster
Asoka Schuster gave Vishen Lakhiani a gratitude rock
a gratitude rock

As I don't even know you - but you already did a lot for me - I am happy to send you this gratitude rock - all I can do to appreciate what you did right now.

Tifaouin Sadiki
Tifaouin Sadiki gave Vishen Lakhiani a Carebear
a Carebear

A big thank you to Mind Valley Academy team, and especially Vishen and Thabit for helping me with my project to inspire few public highschool students here in Morocco thank you guys, God bless you… read more

Marilyn Kriz
Marilyn Kriz gave Vishen Lakhiani a smiley
a smiley

Thank you Vishen for all you do...for your employees, family, your clients, your customers and subscribers! You are a true visionary and I have a great amount of respect for you. And anytime I hear on… read more

Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts gave Vishen Lakhiani a star
a star

Because you are a Superstar - Thanks Vishen, for showing up on the planet - you rock baby!

Imran Saeed
Imran Saeed gave Vishen Lakhiani a snowglobe
a snowglobe

Thankful for the tips you provided in the Consciousness Engineering

Lisa Peters
Lisa Peters gave Vishen Lakhiani a hot-air balloon
a hot-air balloon

Conciousness Training was fabulous! I did the 6 phase meditation this morning! Thank you!!!

Pearl Cook
Pearl Cook gave Vishen Lakhiani the jolly buddha of happiness
the jolly buddha of happiness

Thank you for all you share with the world. While I was unable to get Consciousness Engineering to play what I got from Flow and 3 Questions put me back in a happy state and this site is an amazing gi… read more

Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee gave Vishen Lakhiani a monkey
a monkey

Thanks for this video! https://www....

Arbaaz Hashmy
Arbaaz Hashmy gave Vishen Lakhiani a baseball
a baseball

I'm thankful for the video I just watched on the Flow It gave me immense reflection on what I do wrong in my start up.


Connie Delavergne I'm thankful I watched your video on Happiness, the new Productivity. It reminded me this site is here, had been awhile since I visited.

Iain Lettice
Iain Lettice gave Vishen Lakhiani a smiley
a smiley

Thanks for giving me ideas and a good mindset to start my first business.

Magdalena Zukowski
Magdalena Zukowski gave Vishen Lakhiani a cup of coffee
a cup of coffee

Thank you for being you and sharing yourself with the world. You've inspired me and I'm honoured to be affiliated with Mind Valley. Thank you!!

Jo King
Jo King gave Vishen Lakhiani a shamrock
a shamrock

Thank you - I really appreciate you & your company. I have gotten a few courses off of MindValley - they have all made my life a happier place to be. I appreciate all that you & your team do. I fee… read more

Alena .
Alena . gave Vishen Lakhiani some love
some love

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world Vishen!


Ana Maria Tardelli I'm thankful for the videos I just watched "Bending Reality on the Silva Intuition System .

Miguel Ganem
Miguel Ganem gave Vishen Lakhiani a potted bonsai
a potted bonsai

I am greateful with my father for sharing with me a conference you gave in Canada. And hank you for sharing your experience.

Joan Greene
Joan Greene gave Vishen Lakhiani a ridiculously happy clown
a ridiculously happy clown

Have some happy in your day!!