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Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani

Grateful since November 28, 2008

Veronique B.
Veronique B. gave Vishen Lakhiani a shamrock
a shamrock

Hey, Vishen, the Glog fairy picked a shamrock for you.

Only two more days to tell you how Glog -as a few of us affectionately call it- has changed my life.

Since this was going to be much longer…
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Jayaseelan Matheswaran
Jayaseelan Matheswaran gave Vishen Lakhiani a rock star
a rock star

Thank You for Making Everything Beautiful

Shirley Coumont
Shirley Coumont gave Vishen Lakhiani a rainbow in the clouds
a rainbow in the clouds

You still inspire me to always be in the flow state. One day I would like to go to an Awesomeness Fest! One day I would like to visit your offices at Kuala Lumpur.

Alan  Lacava
Alan Lacava gave Vishen Lakhiani an apple
an apple

Thanks Vishen

Zenas Chin
Zenas Chin gave Vishen Lakhiani a free ride to the Moon
a free ride to the Moon

Thank you for making our world a more loving place.

Rupa  Sirisha
Rupa Sirisha gave Vishen Lakhiani a bliss bomb
a bliss bomb

hi vishan thanks for inspiring so many people

Grace Cochran
Grace Cochran gave Vishen Lakhiani a cup of coffee
a cup of coffee

Because the video of your talk from 2009 in Calgary is endlessly inspiring me! Truly, a hero of mine!

Darlene Verreault
Darlene Verreault gave Vishen Lakhiani an awesome trophy
an awesome trophy

thank you for educating us with Mind valley and other programs )

Loribeth Pierson
Loribeth Pierson gave Vishen Lakhiani the Super
the Super

Christie Marie was AWE-some tonight!

Jayaseelan Matheswaran
Jayaseelan Matheswaran gave Vishen Lakhiani sunshine

Why I feel so so so so so much Grateful for Vishen!! Wow! He lights GWs of Bulbs in many people's Life
Again Thank you thank you Thank you Vishen Lakhiani!

Timothy Kuit
Timothy Kuit gave Vishen Lakhiani the Golden Ticket
the Golden Ticket

Hi Vishen,
I want to send you my appreciation. Sinds day one, when "something" brought me to you and mindvalley, I feel so much better. It feels so natural to me when I hear you talk on your video's,…
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Claudio Mezzanello
Claudio Mezzanello gave Vishen Lakhiani a star
a star

Re watched "Why Happiness is the New Productivity" amazing speech and " A Day in the Life of Mindvalley". You and your team have created an amazing company and culture. Congratulations!


Cheryl B Gluski LOVE that talk, too!!!

Marissabel Marte
Marissabel Marte gave Vishen Lakhiani a sports car
a sports car


Belle Ame
Belle Ame gave Vishen Lakhiani a star
a star

I am grateful that I came across your youtube presentation titled, "Why Happiness is the New Productivity". Thank you for sharing your points on creating an inspirational work environment!

Nakul Mysore
Nakul Mysore gave Vishen Lakhiani a slam dunk
a slam dunk

I am thankful that i stumbled upon Mindvalley today

La Shawn Wilburn
La Shawn Wilburn gave Vishen Lakhiani a potted bonsai
a potted bonsai

thanks for the welcome! Have a good day on purpose!!!

Scott Keele
Scott Keele gave Vishen Lakhiani sunshine

What great words of encouragement you gave a number of years ago that are still impacting people today... me for one! thx for being u.

Albertina Cherchi
Albertina Cherchi gave Vishen Lakhiani a treasure chest
a treasure chest

Thank you so much for what you're giving! You're such an inspiration! Cool

Steve Buchalter
Steve Buchalter gave Vishen Lakhiani the Golden Ticket
the Golden Ticket

Today is my first day here brother and I just wanted to shout out to you across the water from South Africa to acknowledge the difference you have made to my life since I became aware of your site a s… read more

Virginia Vega Valdes
Virginia Vega Valdes gave Vishen Lakhiani a sports car
a sports car

Thank You SO MUCH for founding Mindvalley, it has forever changed my life into a more positive one

Dr. Niama L. J. Williams
Dr. Niama L. J. Williams gave Vishen Lakhiani a free ride to the Moon
a free ride to the Moon

Vishen, thank you for your speech on "Why Happiness ...." It changed everything for me this 3 in the morning. May you, your company, and those you love and care about continue to grow, prosper, and, o… read more

Alex Nedelia
Alex Nedelia gave Vishen Lakhiani Earth

I just watched you speach on Happiness, It was awesome, you deserve an awesomeness reward. It made me think a lot about where my life is going and how it should be going. Thanks!!!

Dawn Ambrose
Dawn Ambrose gave Vishen Lakhiani a potted bonsai
a potted bonsai

I just finished listening to your wonderful speech "the Theory of Flow"...it was mind-blowing. Thank you for showing me how to shift my thinking. I can't wait to see how my business flourishes

Fiona Cranwell
Fiona Cranwell gave Vishen Lakhiani a private island
a private island

I want to appreciate your presentation and your website and the thinking behind them. An idyllic island I feel appropriate for how grateful I feel today.

Cynthia Andersen
Cynthia Andersen gave Vishen Lakhiani a potted bonsai
a potted bonsai

Vishen- I am so EXTREMELY grateful for hearing your name on a meditation I was doing with Bob Proctor and found all the amazing things you are doing! You are truly inspiring and I love learning more… read more

Jim Mcdermott
Jim Mcdermott gave Vishen Lakhiani the Golden Ticket
the Golden Ticket

I just wanted to say that I watched your video on Happiness, and it really gave me a huge mind-shift and boost! I'm going to keep studying up on several of your ideas, and I have a big interest in Mi… read more


Cheryl B Gluski I watched it this week too, my 16 yo daughter watched too and we both got so beautifully energized!
Thankyou, thankyou, Vishen!

Jeanie Yarnell
Jeanie Yarnell gave Vishen Lakhiani a gratitude rock
a gratitude rock

I am so looking forward to being a part of this site. I caught your YouTube video and believe a lot of things you talked about can and will work not only for businesses but for families and communiti… read more

Daniel Sieff
Daniel Sieff gave Vishen Lakhiani a golden key
a golden key

Thank you Vishen for being such an amazing force for good and positivity. Thank you.


Chrissy Strawn Vishen is really a great guy. I agree with you that he is an amazing force and all.