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Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani

Grateful since November 28, 2008

Lisa Toney
Lisa Toney gave Vishen Lakhiani an apple
an apple

i just watched a video of you presenting at a conference in Canada. Not sure when it was filmed but I loved it. Thanks so much for sharing your work and vision. I am grateful to you.

Andreea Nicu
Andreea Nicu gave Vishen Lakhiani a star
a star

thumbs up for your positive impact

Max Lopez
Max Lopez gave Vishen Lakhiani a sombrero
a sombrero

WOW!!! you are a powerful speaker. I stumbled upon your video looking for some Abraham Hicks inspiration and found myself looking at most of your videos..Please keep it going. From Texas

Michael B
Michael B gave Vishen Lakhiani an awesome trophy
an awesome trophy

I believe in being a better person each and every day, and I ask God to give the knowledge and wisdom through any way. I stumbled upon your video, and it was informational and helpful thank you for wi… read more

James Rogers
James Rogers gave Vishen Lakhiani a Rubik's cube
a Rubik's cube

Life, the universe and everything is a pattern. Once you de-clutter your mind you can have access to the most amazingly awesome pattern recognition machine. This operates at a quantum level. Practised… read more

Rick Wiltse
Rick Wiltse gave Vishen Lakhiani an awesome trophy
an awesome trophy

Vishen, I am grateful for all you do to enhance our lives. I just recently began Consciousness Engineering - an "awesome" product. I am grateful for your vision!

Carolyn Schweitzer
Carolyn Schweitzer gave Vishen Lakhiani a ninja
a ninja

Thank you for Omvana and your 6 Stage Meditation

Lee Collver Richards
Lee Collver Richards gave Vishen Lakhiani an apple
an apple

I am so grateful and thankful for the teachings you bring to our world.

Rosalie Taran
Rosalie Taran gave Vishen Lakhiani a potted bonsai
a potted bonsai

Thank you for your huge contribution to the world!!!! You ROCK!!!!

Elias Kakomanolis
Elias Kakomanolis gave Vishen Lakhiani a luscious lollipop
a luscious lollipop

Thank you for starting something like this. You're awesome!

Cesar Francoise
Cesar Francoise gave Vishen Lakhiani a star
a star

you are a bright star VISHEN

Maria Goretti
Maria Goretti gave Vishen Lakhiani a palm tree
a palm tree

Thanks a lot

Leonie Bartlett
Leonie Bartlett gave Vishen Lakhiani a piggy bank
a piggy bank

Thank you for your welcome and great motivation !!

Melissa Reed
Melissa Reed gave Vishen Lakhiani a smiley
a smiley

Your gift to this world is your fearlessness!

Prasad Rajan
Prasad Rajan gave Vishen Lakhiani a high-five
a high-five

you are awesome!

Carlos Baca
Carlos Baca gave Vishen Lakhiani a treasure chest
a treasure chest

Thanks so much, Vishen!!! I owe you much of my present happiness & spiritual development! I use every day your wonderful music, OmHarmonics, to meditate. I Thank God each day for you who gave me the m… read more

Elise Perez
Elise Perez gave Vishen Lakhiani a rubber duckie
a rubber duckie

Who doesn’t love a rubber ducky? Wishing you a smile...

Lilith White
Lilith White gave Vishen Lakhiani a treasure map
a treasure map

Thanks for creating this magical place on the net, and for the words of wisdom through mind valley. Thank you for sharing these gifts with me. your a truly awesome person.

Sharon Bateman
Sharon Bateman gave Vishen Lakhiani peace

Vishen your vision gave me wings, light and love. Thank you for Mindvalley it is live affirming.

Vulcan Lass
Vulcan Lass gave Vishen Lakhiani an energy ball
an energy ball

Thank you, Vishen - not only for the welcome, but also for teaching me how to meditate. I can feel the power of the achievement of my goals as I type this message!

Grace Lapadula
Grace Lapadula gave Vishen Lakhiani peace of mind
peace of mind

I'm grateful for you and all you are doing Vishen(Vision)

Cesar Francoise
Cesar Francoise gave Vishen Lakhiani the jolly buddha of happiness
the jolly buddha of happiness

you bring happiness to a lot of people...thanks

Wanona Ceisel
Wanona Ceisel gave Vishen Lakhiani peace of mind
peace of mind

Nice to meet you Vishen. I watched a couple of videos you gave talks about and I am very interested in your approach, especially the FLOW process.

Jayne E James
Jayne E James gave Vishen Lakhiani a goldfish
a goldfish

Thank you…Jayne

Samantha Cartwright
Samantha Cartwright gave Vishen Lakhiani a luscious lollipop
a luscious lollipop

I appreciate and acknowledge your spiral of happiness and Passion... Thank you for being the future and welcoming us all into your moments. I am Mindvalley captivated with unconditional love! Thank yo… read more

Rae Denn
Rae Denn gave Vishen Lakhiani Earth

Thank you for creating a place for all to appreciate the good life has to offer!


Jayne E James Yes…Vishen is awesome! I am very grateful for this log <3

Jason Jobe
Jason Jobe gave Vishen Lakhiani an Inner Compass
an Inner Compass

You Have struck a cord of happiness in me. THANK YOU

Stephanie Kilroy
Stephanie Kilroy gave Vishen Lakhiani a magic mushroom
a magic mushroom

Thanks. Love your website and all it's programs.


Kaitlyn Kyle Everyone here loves you too <3

Faizan Haider
Faizan Haider gave Vishen Lakhiani a golden key
a golden key

Thanks for the knowledge & exposure I have learned from you.....May you be more blessed

Margarita Guerrero
Margarita Guerrero gave Vishen Lakhiani footprints

This gratitude log is awesome footprints we leave behind. Thanks for the creation of it. I also find Mindvalley so much info do not know or have the time to see it all. Thanks.