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Zirah (B. L.) Hearn

Zirah (B. L.) Hearn

Grateful since December 04, 2009

Grateful for all I got done at Ron's today and spending time w/ four-legged friends
Getting to say a bittersweet good-bye to another four-legged friend
The new birdy diner being a big hit
A cute bu…
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Grateful for a good night's sleep
Rain to nourish the flora and fauna
All the activity at the new bird feeder (the hanging diner is a hit!)
The JA material and community
Certain things being easi…
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Cheryl Hill Zirah! when I read your comment about the check I sent you it just 'fires me up'
I just feel like flying across there and figuring out how to get that flow going - such wonderful things you share!

Cheryl Hill
Cheryl Hill gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a blank check
a blank check

A gift to say thank you!

Grateful for the nice get together and movie w/ Nina
Hearing from Dan & Mariana
Time to meditate, reflect and do some yoga
Certain things falling into place
Beautiful weather and bright sunshine…
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Cheryl Hill So long since I have had real tiramisu - Yum - thankyou Zirah for your blog - John sat me down on Sunday and showed me your posters and read your inspirations - it was a beautiful way to start my Sund… read more

Grateful for waking to peace and quiet and the place to myself
Going at a leisurely pace through the day
Time for stretching and some yoga
Wonderful sweet, juicy watermelon and being able to share…
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Being Branka Blissful hehehe...
see ya, zirah

Grateful for another good night's sleep (I'm on a roll and it's buttered w/ interesting dreams!)
Groundhog visits, wild turkeys w/ babies, bunnies, and the birds finally starting to notice the new ha…
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Andrew Mclean
Andrew Mclean gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a star
a star

U rock

Grateful for a good night's sleep
Going with the flow
An evening walk thru the neighborhood and the flora and fauna along the way
The coupon to use for lunch
The phone call with my father
And the…
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Grateful for my island from Cnyelie and note from Cheryl
A good night's sleep and interesting dreams
Interactions w/ the JA group
New insights and awarenesses
Time to meditate and reflect
The lus…
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Sabine Schlachter After reading it several times in your post, I am getting more and more curious. What is this JA group about, Zirah? In my mother tongue "Ja" means "Yes". I am sure it must be something positive as we… read more

Cnyelie Auhc
Cnyelie Auhc gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a private island
a private island

Have a wonderful day!!


Zirah (B. L.) Hearn Wow, that's exactly what I feel like I need right now!


Cnyelie Auhc That is great!

Grateful for being able to fall back to sleep in the middle of the night
Interesting dreams
Time out on the balcony listening to JA information
A visit from multiple bird friends & one of the "trai…
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Cheryl Hill You are great fun Zirah! I like your walks I see houses on mine

Grateful for a meditative morning, a cool breeze to off-set the heat, a nice walk and sightings of the resident bunny and one of the groundhogs, the JA course and wonderful community spirit, sweet, ju… read more

Grateful that a busy day is over and soon I will be comfy in my bed
For ease and flow despite rushed and hectic energies around me
Talking with my father and him sounding better
Four-legged friends…
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Grateful for sleeping in my own bed last night and not even waking up until morning
Time to be alone and reflect
Support and information from Karen
Yummy chocolate shadow cake
Meditating w/ the JA…
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Grateful for a safe drive home
A difficult, but informative meeting this morning
Stephanie's input and the synchronicity of us meeting up when we did
Supportive and caring individuals during this t…
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Ray Gratis Wishing you well with what is, esp when difficult. with full heart---

Grateful for being able to more or less go w/ the flow and all the twists and turns the last couple of days
Being more at peace with what's happening w/ my father
The power of group intention/energy…
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Ray Gratis sending positive thoughts to you and your dad.


Being Branka Blissful here´s to your power !
have a blessed , love filled day, zirah

Tracey Morgan
Tracey Morgan gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a hot-air balloon
a hot-air balloon

Pop it on board and send it over to me, I will get it sorted in a jiffy. I have to say that I favour the crumpled look for tee shirts that I am just going to wear in the garden, get muddy and then chu… read more

Grateful for a deep sound sleep....my body really needed it....even took a 2 hr nap today and grateful for the time to do it
For my father feeling better
All the love and support from the JA group a…
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Cheryl Hill Here's to some sweet, insight-producing dreams Zirah!
PS I just loved that baby on the pottery wheel too - posted it a couple of weeks ago myself Great minds think alike eh!

Grateful for the processes I'm learning to help me in riding the waves of what my father is going thru
Support from seen and unseen sources
Hot showers and a comfy bed
Realizing the difference betw…
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Grateful for being able to work on my laptop out on the balcony and keep track of all the backyard critter activity.....a great day for groundhog comings and goings, including a mom w/ a baby
It give…
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Cnyelie Auhc Yay to mother nature!!


Sabine Schlachter I agree wholeheartedly Zirah. Living beauty all around makes for a wonderful experience again and again.

Grateful for a good night's sleep and taking my time to wake up
Errands and appts flowing easily and gracefully
A fun visit with Anny
Good food from Panera and $2 off
Time working on the computer…
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Grateful for a productive day and feeling like I was in the flow
Time to assimilate more of the Jeffrey Allen materials while enjoying the fresh air on the balcony
Rain that nourished the flora and…
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Being Branka Blissful ahhh tha fresh air, we so love and adore
not to forget the balcony !

Grateful for a very interesting dream, waking to a quiet morning and early sunshine
Another inspiring conversation w/ Nancy
Two groundhog sightings and a delightful time feeding one of the "ghogs"…
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Grateful for waking up to peace and quiet
Time to meditate and watch some inspiring, informative videos
The sweet little bunny that's been hanging out in the front yard in the early evenings
New th…
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Grateful for inspiring stories and people and organizations that are doing so much to help animals in need
A nice walk
Sleeping through the night (more of that, please and thank you!)
Hot showers a…
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Grateful for ease and flow at Ron's today and the company of 4-legged friends
Nancy's gratitude and appreciation
How good it's going to feel to hop into bed tonight
A good call w/ my fath…
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Sabine Schlachter Yay for the Great Gratitude Community! I agree with you. Truly a door to one's own heart.

Grateful for sleeping straight thru the night
Getting a lot done this morning
Sweet, juicy watermelon
Meeting up w/ Wendy for a walk & all the kind words she had about my new book
Having a "good c…
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Grateful for being able to fall back asleep
For waking up to having the place to myself and the hills covered in mist
Delightful and varied bird songs during the day
A walk in the rain
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Grateful for the strange night I had, and at least getting back to sleep
For the phone call with Nancy
Special bird friends announcing themselves at the birdy diner w/ their distinctive chirps
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Grateful for beautiful weather, unexpectedly meeting up w/ Wendy to join me in a walk, and all the great deals I got at EF this morning....2 for 1 on organic strawberries, organic blueberries,, organi… read more


Sabine Schlachter What a wonderful delicious mixture. By the way I had an unorganic cupcake as well today.