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Zirah (B. L.) Hearn

Zirah (B. L.) Hearn

Grateful since December 04, 2009

Tracey Morgan
Tracey Morgan gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn sunshine

You will most certainly always have the warmest welcome should you ever cross the pond. We hope that the run up to Christmas is going well for you and yours

Grateful for a good night's sleep....until a troublesome dream came along, but got some good insights. Also grateful for an inspired interaction w/ Cheryl, hearing from Trace my laundry would be welco… read more

Grateful for a good night's sleep ( I don't think I even got up in the middle of the night!), for a very interesting dream, Steve's Salty Caramel Ice Cream, a sweet guide dog named Joe, synchronicitie… read more

Cheryl Hill
Cheryl Hill gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a treasure chest
a treasure chest

A treasure chest because you are a treasure chest of service to people
PS I sent you a message on the tail of the netti pot message

Grateful for the way the heavy frost made the morning landscape look, the bright sunshine, the sessions w/ Ali, getting errands done, warming veggie soup, a big hunk of sourdough and gob of Plugra but… read more

Grateful for a good night's sleep, be able to take my time waking, another day of bright blue sky and glorious sunshine, warmer temps, time to do JSJ, a phone call w/ my father, things that make me la… read more

Gave Cheryl Hill a Carebear
a Carebear

In case you haven't checked out neti pots yet, here's a post I did awhile back. You mentioned to Tracey that you use a saline solution w/ Himalayan salt, so what type of "irrigation" device have you… read more


Cheryl Hill This is fabulous Zirah thank you and especially for the carebear which is particularly relevant at present. I will pass this onto my daughter and John as it made the whole process clearer. Yes this… read more

Grateful for another good night's sleep and interesting dreams, an unplanned Survivor marathon, another day of bright, warming sunshine, chirpy birdy friends at the diner, a long, soothing hot shower… read more

Grateful for a good night's sleep and interesting dreams, having the place to myself, an invigorating walk, bright, glorious sunshine streaming thru the windows, cleaning up the kitchen, the new recip… read more


Cheryl Hill Sooo yum (But just can't stop at a civilized amount )

Grateful for getting thru a busy day at Ron's and for his 4-legged kids making it easier to be there, for homemade veggie soup w/ creme fraiche and pesto (two helpings!), for new insights and awarenes… read more

Grateful for having the place to myself, the Meet-up for JSJ, the session w/ Willow, getting homemade veggie soup made, being inside now while the wind blows outside, for e-mails, pics and videos that… read more

Tracey Morgan
Tracey Morgan gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a gratitude rock
a gratitude rock

Thanks Zirah,
It has started to clear within 24 hours and is much better. I do have a Netti pot but the sinus had become so inflamed that it was too painful to use. The glands were also very swollen.…
read more


Zirah (B. L.) Hearn I figured you knew about neti pots, but just thought I'd be sure. Large doses of vitamin C....especially in liposomal form....are good for just about anything. I have a couple of posts that feature so… read more


Tracey Morgan A friend recommended it a while ago. I thought it was a joke, but it is wonderful. Once the inflammation settles I can use it again. I am quite lax with my Vit C, especially with so many colds around.… read more

Tracey Morgan
Tracey Morgan gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a hot-air balloon
a hot-air balloon

Sending you a balloon so you can travel across, and given the wind coming in off the Atlantic tonight, you may well make it by the weekend. I get some wholemeal rolls and soup going for you.

Grateful for an early start on the day, all the interesting dreams I've been having lately, a lovely session w/ Ali, a very energetic walk out in the cold weather and being able to get up close and pe… read more

Cheryl Hill
Cheryl Hill gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a snowglobe
a snowglobe

Reading your post was 'Magical'


Zirah (B. L.) Hearn What a sweet thing to say. And thanks for the snowglobe.....yesterday I thought we were going to have some of the real stuff coming down.


Cheryl Hill Only said it because it was true So appreciate your sharings.

Grateful for a good night's sleep and interesting dreams, it working out so well w/ Stephanie, time for JSJ, a late walk thru the neighborhood so I got to see all the Christmas light on (lovely and ma… read more

Grateful for making it thru a very busy day w/out feeling as overwhelmed as I could have, for a good night's sleep, comfy bed, soothing hot shower, tasty trail mix, and the pad that's heating up my sh… read more

Grateful for a good night's sleep, morning sunshine, getting stuff done, yesterday's walk thru the neighborhood, crock-pots, Vivian's well wishes, new insights and awarenesses, Zum soap, tasty chocola… read more

Grateful for more interesting dreams, a safe drive home from visiting my father, a special wish from Miss B, being able to sleep in my own bed, and this great quote a friend shared.....
"Cultivate th…
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Being   Branka Blissful
Being Branka Blissful gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a flower
a flower

may you have a wonderful sunday, dear zirah !


Being Branka Blissful so glad !!
have a great new week, dear zirah !


Zirah (B. L.) Hearn Thanks, Miss B! I spent much of the day driving home from visiting my father. Driving more than 15 min. is not my thing , but everything went very well.

Meant to share this link to a blog post I did the other day on gratitude and the effect it has on our DNA. Fascinating, encouraging info!
read more

Grateful for how the visit with my father has been going and for meals, laughs, and memories we've shared; grateful for a good night's sleep and one of the most interesting dreams in a long time, for… read more

Grateful for a safe trip, having a wonderful Thanksgiving meal w/ my father, the caring people who help him on a daily basis, a good night's sleep and even an afternoon nap, the nice place I'm staying… read more

Grateful for interesting dreams, the session w/ Ali, a glorious spring-like day and bright sunshine, e-mails from W & E, the interaction w/ Ellen's friends, things that inspire me and touch my heart,… read more

Grateful for a good night's sleep and oh so interesting dream, for the JSJ workshop yesterday and learning new stuff & practicing "old" stuff, for a delightful tablemate and her sweet comment (thank y… read more


Ray Gratis ooh, thank you for this delicious post! i love "feeling on purpose" .. multiple ways to read that! <3

M Stj
M Stj gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn the Super
the Super

Love this post Zirah!


Zirah (B. L.) Hearn Oh wow, the "super finger!" What a way to start off my day! Thanks, sweetie.

Grateful for getting a good night's sleep becoming "just the way that it is" and for several interesting dreams, for all I got done at Ron's and my furry helpers that open my heart so wide, for time a… read more

Grateful for another good night's sleep (yea! it's becoming a habit), for the fun of trying new things the last couple of days (Zumba & kickboxing) and joking about how I did, for the e-mail from Elai… read more

Grateful for a good night's sleep, a warm, safe bed to sleep in, very interesting dreams, a great call w/ Nancy, fun e-mails, cards and well wishes from delightful people, JSJ, time to meditate, the… read more

Cheryl Hill
Cheryl Hill gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a dragon baby
a dragon baby

A baby dragon to watch over you and keep the bears at bay.
Surely you and Branka don't have birthdays at the same time. ?
I loved your quote that was such a fit. John read it to me this morning.…
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Being Branka Blissful lovely