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Zirah (B. L.) Hearn

Zirah (B. L.) Hearn

Grateful since December 04, 2009

Cheryl Hill
Cheryl Hill gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn an energy ball
an energy ball

To enfold you during your writing stint.

Grateful for the kind words from Cheryl
Another day of absolutely gorgeous weather
New ideas and opportunities
A wonderful walk thru the neighborhood....meeting lots of nice people along the way...…
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Grateful for the really special time w/ my father, how much he appreciated me being there and helping him, and all the wonderful people involved in his care
For the idea of a picnic
A safe drive hom…
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Cheryl Hill Big congratulations on the well earned acknowledgement from JSJ....hope the posts come great enjoyment and speed -


Veronique B. Congratulations, Zirah ! !
I rejoice with you

Gave Sabine Schlachter a LEGO miniman
a LEGO miniman

Sabine, a friend and I are always joking about needing a mini me so we could delegate part of our "to do" list to them. Maybe this little guy is what I'm would look like?
p.s. Guess what I'm abou…
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Grateful for an absolutely beautiful day weather-wise
Spending time with my father
Seeing that he is doing better than last visit
A smiley face from Sabine....makes me smile
Cheryl's helping sprea…
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Sabine Schlachter
Sabine Schlachter gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a smiley
a smiley

Hey Zirah, just thought of your regular outpouring of gratitude for hot showers and before going to sleep and it made me smile. So I send you the Smiley to share my smile with you from ear to ear and… read more

Grateful for the trip to visit my father going safely and drive time passing quickly
For my father doing better than the last time I saw him
All the tools and information coming my way .....I need a…
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Sabine Schlachter A mini me? What an hilarious idea having a mini version of oneself handy to use it as additional processor. Could lead to some irritation when people are around. rolling on the floor

Grateful for the time w/ D & M and how they fill my heart and make me smile.


Cheryl Hill did you see my comments on JSJ thread?

Cheryl Hill
Cheryl Hill gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a fabulous unicorn
a fabulous unicorn

I went to your link - http://blog....
this is where it took me and it is not clear to me that it is you? Is this the one to like?
I so appreciate your re…
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Zirah (B. L.) Hearn Yes, it's a post I did as a guest writer for Sivana Spirit.


Cheryl Hill And Zirah, it has unblocked my nose - took one minute - crickey!

Grateful for time spent on JA course and the great community of people
Sweet and juicy organic champagne grapes....what little beauties
A walk in the rain
A visit from the two wild turkeys
The nic…
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Cnyelie Auhc Looks like you had a good day!

p.s. If you like the blog post on Jin Shin Jyutsu, please "like" it and leave a comment so Sivana will want me to write another one.

This morning I am grateful for the all the early activity at the birdy diner, the rising mist that gives the neighborhood such an air of stillness, and the wonderful ideas and interactions I've been h… read more


Sabine Schlachter Energy tools are great. I know Jin Shin Jiutsu as well. At present I am in love with Donna Eden and all her amazing energy work. I decided to start studying some of her teachings more intense during t… read more

Grateful that I've had my shower and am now ready to hop in bed and do some reading
The wonders of Mother Nature
A walk in the rain
All the sweet input from the JA group
Time for yoga and stretchi…
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Grateful for a hot shower and my comfy bed I'm about to hop into to
For all I got done at Ron's today and time spent w/ his 2 4-legged kiddos
The fun of using some energy processes on a situation he…
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Grateful for time to spend on Duality
And Marit's tip about the meditation demo.....and wonderful experience
A nice evening walk and cool breeze .....sharing dog treats w/ my four-legged friends Joe…
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Grateful for a strange, but interesting dream
A good session w/ the chiropractor.....thanks, Adam!
Nice walk through the neighborhood, w/ a cool breeze helping make things more comfortable
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Being Branka Blissful less sweaty, yeah !


Sabine Schlachter Yay for chirpy birds and showers. I totally agree with you Zirah. Thanks for making me smile!

Tracey Morgan
Tracey Morgan gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a nice cup of tea
a nice cup of tea

Thank you so much. Cricket was wonderful and I had forgotten just how amazing rock pools are. It was a perfect afternoon. I am sending you a cup of tea, made by teh care bear that Veronique so kindly… read more

Grateful for inspiration and stimulation like this.....Oh, I think this is a goooood one to ruminate on. It's taken from Brian Johnson's Optimizer newsletter......


“How d…
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Veronique B. isn't it awesome ?! I love this


Cheryl Hill I agree Veronique - this is totally awesome - thank you Zirah! -

Grateful for a good night's sleep
A light rain to cool things off a little and water the plants
All the birds showing up right after I replenished "the birdy diner"
The interesting interview w/ Sar…
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Veronique B. Being alive during such an interesting time on the planet, yes ! I often feel that way, how clever of us to have chosen this time, wasn't it ?
and a bizillion and a half other things, too

Grateful to be back on GL
For the sweet welcome back from Cnyelie and comment from Miss Bliss
All the interactions w/ the Duality group
Things that make me laugh
Visits from my bird friends and a…
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Veronique B. Welcome back

Yipes! Can't believe it says 13 days ago for my last post. Seems like about 2, but no matter, I am grateful to be on GL right now.
And for the great phone call w/ Nancy
New insights and awarenesses…
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Cnyelie Auhc Welcome back!


Sabine Schlachter How interesting that I am in the same situation right now when I read your post about the thirteen days, Zirah. Yes, time flies sometimes and we are blessed that gratitude stays with us no matter wher… read more

Grateful for a good night's sleep, several interesting dreams, and waking to a quiet apt
Watermelon and strawberries
A free lunch at Panera & veggie juice at EF ......how nice for me!
A nice evenin…
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Grateful for blueberries, kiwi, watermelon, time for a little yoga and stretching, Deepak's series, all the bird visitors, having the place to myself for a few days, the sweet words of Nancy, Phreddi,… read more

Grateful for time alone to meditate and reflect
Inspiration and stimulation, Deepak meditation series, JA info and group
A visit from one of the "trained" squirrels
One of my favorite birds coming…
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Grateful for the bliss bomb from Ray (thanks Mr G!)
Time for JA and other expansive, stimulating stuff
Clean sheets, clean hair....(clean mind???)
An unplanned nap
Yummy spinach, apple, avocado an…
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Ray Gratis
Ray Gratis gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a bliss bomb
a bliss bomb

A bliss bomb that showers confetti of good cheer! Three cheers to you, Zirah, have a pink sparkly wonderful day!

Grateful for a good night's sleep
A fortune cookie w/ magical message from Sabine (can't wait to see what it says!
A quiet and productive day at work
The Deepak gratitude meditation series
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Sabine Schlachter
Sabine Schlachter gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a fortune cookie
a fortune cookie

Hello Zirah! Here comes your magical message of the day: You rock!

Grateful for a good night's sleep
All the interactions and insights from the JA group
A puppy AND a Jedi from Ms Cheryl....a double thank you
Yummy eclair from EF, watermelon, organic cherries and…
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Margarita Arbelaez I haven't started the meditation challenge and I think today is already day 2


Being Branka Blissful and so you are, zirah !!

Grateful for all I got done today
Time to listen to more of the JA material
Comments from Sabine
Things that inspire me and/or make me laugh
Being safe and dry inside, while a storm brews outside…
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