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Zirah (B. L.) Hearn

Zirah (B. L.) Hearn

Grateful since December 04, 2009

Just spotted a gorgeous male cardinal in a bare tree...showed up so brilliantly I almost didn't see his mate, who did a great job of blending in w/ her "drabber" coloring. The birds and squirrels are… read more

Grateful for the call going so well with Elaine and Larry and how being unattached to the outcome of certain things allowed some really neat stuff to happen
Bright sunshine and a brisk walk and a cha…
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Tracey Morgan
Tracey Morgan gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn Yin-yang harmony
Yin-yang harmony

It would be deliciously uncomplicated. As I said to Cheryl, I am now at "that age" where the emotions get a tad wobbly. Will have to start looking for ways to address the problem naturally

Grateful for a good night's sleep and interesting dreams
Warmer temps and new blossoms emerging
An unplanned nap after a brisk walk thru the neighborhood
Periods of sunshine
All the free inspirati…
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Grateful for the images and insights dreams provide
Starting my morning with fun replies from Cheryl and Sj
Having the image of singing piglets in my mind to make me smile
The thought of gettin…
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Sj Wonder Singing piglets?! (LOL) Were they on pitch?

Gave Transcend Ascend a high-five
a high-five

A high five on your coldest A/C, although I'm always trying to find ways to stay warmer.


Transcend Ascend high 5 back. maybe u should come over here to skip the winter!

Sj Wonder
Sj Wonder gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a slam dunk
a slam dunk

Based upon your latest post, I do believe you are in a "slam dunk" frame of mind


Zirah (B. L.) Hearn HA! Hadn't thought about that, but I like the analogy. When I read the notice about what you had posted, it made me smile. A great way to start off my Sat. morning and gives me one more thing to be gr… read more

Grateful for a good night's sleep, interesting dreams and waking to a sky that became bright and sunny
For everything falling into place for the meeting w/ Marie and relax into the weekend now that t…
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Cheryl Hill
Cheryl Hill gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a cake
a cake

John appreciated birthday wishes We are definitely twinnies - we are all for at least a week for birthdays


Zirah (B. L.) Hearn Now this is one appreciation note where I wish the icon was for real! With a little ice cream on the side.

Grateful to have gotten a day of work in before the snow hit again
The way falling snow w/ no wind brings such a sense of stillness and beauty
Time w/ two of my favorite 4-legged friends
Insight in…
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Cheryl Hill snow - Ahhhh!
It will be nice to be out of singlets and shorts and perspiration !

Grateful for another good night's sleep (yea, a trend I like!)
Getting a visit from the two wild turkeys and "chatting" w/ them while I put out nuts, grains and seeds for them
The beauty of newly fa…
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Cheryl Hill So glad of the bird seed advice - I will try putting out different seed too

M Stj
M Stj gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a smiley
a smiley

Good Tuesday Zirah

Grateful for being able to sleep in my own bed and having a really good night's sleep
The striking beauty of a bright red cardinal in a bare tree
Introducing my bird friends to a new seed mix and wa…
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Grateful for a safe trip home, the exceptional visit I had w/ friends and family, lots of synchronicities and serendipities, a walk thru the neighborhood, hot shower and the thought of sleeping in my… read more

Grateful for deepening bonds, cooperative efforts, warmer temps, getting so much done, my time and efforts being appreciated, generosity, laughter and making people laugh, ease and flow, hot showers,… read more


Cheryl Hill Waking up with one of your quotes lately. 'Wake and say thank you'
Love it.

Darlene Verreault
Darlene Verreault gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a private island
a private island

-20 is nothing my friend...it can get up to -40 without the wind chill...I am so grateful this winter it wasn't as cold


Zirah (B. L.) Hearn HA! Yes, I know that's nothing compared to other parts of the country and the world. I just thought it was funny that you were talking about it not getting too hot when I was sitting here w/ 3 layers,… read more

Grateful to have gotten to my destination through the rough weather
For time w/ my father, Elaine and Larry and numerous synchronicities
Good food and conversation and laughter
JSJ and the balanci…
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Grateful for a warm, comfy place to sleep, waking to a quiet apt and getting an early start on the day
Things falling into place easily w/ the book
Bright sunshine for a good part of the day
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Grateful for a good night's sleep and troublesome and interesting dreams (hey, how did that girl from the Harry Potter films get in there?!)
The call w/ Rita and plans to work w/ Balboa Press and the…
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Grateful for a good night's sleep
Brilliant sunshine helping warm the room on a cold day
My cheery pot of daffodils and ever-increasing yellow blooms
My bird friends stopping by for breakfast, lun…
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Cheryl Hill Morning Sweetie Pie - here we are on here together almost I am very excited to hear about your daffy-dils You mean you grow them in a POT - how utterly exciting I have never thought of… read more


Tracey Morgan Love Daffodils, they are nearly out here, just the most wonderful first flush of Spring. Joyous

Grateful for waking up to a quiet apt
More daffodil blooms
Rewrites on the book and a very productive call w/ Rita
Getting some planking in
Cute video with Simon's cat ....http://w...
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Cheryl Hill Zirah! Can't believe it - guess what my FAVORITE flowers are?
Daffodils We must be 'twinnies'

Grateful for brilliant sunshine and an afternoon that was warm enough for a walk
My little potted mini daffodils blooming like crazy and adding some spring to my window sill
Getting the birdy diner…
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Grateful more than ever for GL and that it is still available for us to use
For an absolutely fabulous day....lovely sunshine and temps in the 60s
Shopping at Trader Joe's and getting some lovely cu…
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Grateful for bright sunshine and warmer temps
A late afternoon walk and sightings of more bulbs sending up shoots
Running into one of my favorite four-legged friends a giving him a treat, plus also…
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Gave Mike Reining a Rubik's cube
a Rubik's cube

It's a puzzle I can't figure out. Have been promoting GL since I joined a number of yrs ago and a person I referred to GL today said you aren't taking sign-ups anymore. I wondered why on the community… read more


Being Branka Blissful thanks so much for this question, zirah.
have been wanting to do that myself...


Being Branka Blissful not necessarily people who think like i do
but people who´ve awakened to their own power

How wonderful to have a great night's sleep & time to wake up slowly, stretch and ease into the day
Wonderful feedback from Linda on the booklet (thanks, sweetie!)
A feeling of optimism and inner st…
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Grateful for staying inside and warm on a very cold, blustery day.
For getting so much done because I woke up at 3 am and didn't get back to sleep
For having the place to myself for the next few day…
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Grateful for a productive day at Ron's and time w/ my furry friends
For creativity, ideas bubbling up, and synchronicities
Friends to give me feedback on the project
A great session w/ Adam (my bod…
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M Stj
M Stj gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn the Super
the Super

Me too on this rainy cold morning

Grateful for being able to wake up slowly, stretch and yawn
For the winter wonderland outside and falling snow
Being safe and warm inside, with plenty of food and creature comforts
Being almost fin…
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