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Zirah (B. L.) Hearn

Zirah (B. L.) Hearn

Grateful since December 04, 2009

Grateful to be on GL
For the brisk walk thru the neighborhood
More rain again, so catching up on the deficit created by the drought
An abundance of tasty food
Getting my bathroom cleaned up
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Yea, back again.....the buttered roll continues
Grateful for the laugh of picturing Sabine rock and rolling in the shower
Seeing all the birds and a squirrel having such a big time at the feeder/din…
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Cheryl Hill 3 references to laughing! must be a theme for us all

Grateful for yet another day back at GL (I'm on a roll, folks, and let's hope it's buttered!
A good night's sleep and all the interesting dreams I've had lately
The great insights I woke up w/…
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Sabine Schlachter Enjoying your roll, Zirah! Today you were with me while taking a shower and dancing rock and roll in the shower cubicle. Fun!

Grateful for another day on GL and reading what everyone is grateful for and all the comments from Sabine
A brisk walk thru the neighborhood
Things on FB that made me laugh, touched my heart, stimul…
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Sabine Schlachter Cool that you support the Standing Rock request as well, Zirah! I love how people everywhere feel moved to take a stand or support the people through meditations, prayers, or political petitions.


Cheryl Hill Lovely to see you Zirah! Is JA the 'thumbs and fingers' - my daughter and I still 'do the thumbs'

Grateful for another day back at GL
For humor about Sabine's typo
A nice sweaty sauna session and long, hot shower
For that head to toe feeling of clean that can't be beat
Time w/ my 4-legged frie…
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Sabine Schlachter YES, you are here! Great thing! And I am with you on being grateful for the opportunity to act globally by means of the internet. I love the worldwide peace meditations - impossible without the intern… read more

Grateful for being back at GL tonight and for the seeing the response from Sabine to my comment that I almost missed
For a magic mushroom from Malgorzata (interesting dreams ahead tonight?)
The rel…
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Sabine Schlachter Yay! So good to see that my shower friend is back! Makes me feel all warm and cozy. Happy showering, Zirah!

Małgorzata P
Małgorzata P gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a magic mushroom
a magic mushroom

nice to see you around Zirah


Zirah (B. L.) Hearn Hmmm, I had some strange dreams last night. Wonder what this magic mushroom will bring tonight. Thanks for thinking of me!

OMG, it says the last time I was here was about a month ago. It doesn't seem that long, not only because time is flying by, but also because I HAVE been "gratituding"...just not here or the FB GL.… read more


Sabine Schlachter So nict to enjoy your gratitude post again, Zirah. Welcome back!

Sabine Schlachter
Sabine Schlachter gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a sports car
a sports car

Hey Zirah! Where is my shower friend at????
Sending you the sports car to pick you up and bring you back here if you want.
Missing you!

Sabine Schlachter
Sabine Schlachter gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a ridiculously happy clown
a ridiculously happy clown

Sending you the very happy vibes and my huge smile energy that came up after reading your idea that hot showers should be an icon on the gift bar. What a hilarious, wonderful, and so Zirah-like idea.… read more

Grateful for Veronique's thoughtful words and rainbow colored lollipop, a gorgeous fall day, invigorating walk thru the neighborhood, thought-provoking, stimulating, inspiring exchanges w/ people of F… read more


Sabine Schlachter Yes, I think gratitude is one of the most organic ways to connect heart to heart. That's why it is so powerful.

Veronique B.
Veronique B. gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a luscious lollipop
a luscious lollipop

Dear Zirah, there are no hot showers on the gift bar and I do realize the most luscious lollipop will not give you half as much comfort as a hot shower would have, but I have to trust the Glog fairy t… read more


Zirah (B. L.) Hearn Forget the lollipop. It's your words that are the real treat here!

I AM grateful for things that make me laugh, inspire me, working in the community garden and seeing the fruits (well, actually veggies right now) of my labors, sweet words and insights from a FB soul… read more

Grateful for Sabine's words....."feeling something lovingly in our hearts, this is practiced gratitude at its finest" De-Light-full!
A visit to GL from Anu.....how nice!
Time watering the community…
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Sabine Schlachter I hear you Zirah. Thought of you during my last shower as well.
And how on earth do you do a chocolate mousse without sweeten it? Or do you use something else instead of sugar?

Grateful for another good night's sleep (woo-hoo, 2 in a row!), another fun class in beekeeping and learning more about the intricacies of bees and those who tend them (got to feed "the girls" and pra… read more


Sabine Schlachter I believe that whenever we feel something lovingly in our heart, this is practiced gratitude at its finest. You go girl!

Grateful for a bright sunny day, another fun bee class and this time getting to practice working w/ smokers (I smell like I've been in a forest fire!) and feeding "the girls", a good night's sleep, in… read more


Sarah Gratis ooo bees! that's exciting!


Sabine Schlachter What are you going to do with what you learn at the bee class, Zirah? Do you intend to become a beemaster and have your own honey? That would be great!
And thanks for the whole beautiful post. Tastes…
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Gave Anuradha Desai a Carebear
a Carebear

What have you been up to, sweet one? Sending a heart-felt care bear wave your way!


Sabine Schlachter Joining the heart-connection, Anu. Hope all is well in your world. I miss you here!


Anuradha Desai Thank you Godmother Zirah and Rockstar Sabine! All is well here, how are you both doing? Care bear waves and hugs right back at ya! <3

Grateful for another day of bright sunshine, having the place to myself, getting stuff done on my website yesterday, a nice walk thru the neighborhood, fall colors, hot showers, things that make me la… read more


Sabine Schlachter You make me smile again, Zirah.
Wishing you a lovely inspiring Sunday as well.

I'm grateful for a share from my personal FB timeline this morning and how it makes me feel anything is possible and how beauty can pop up where you least expect it. I'm also grateful for very interes… read more


Sabine Schlachter Hey Zirah, I just read that you gave someone a Bars session. Does this mean you are an Access Cousciousness Practitioner?

Grateful for a longer, better night's sleep than I've had all week (yea, almost 6 1/2 hrs!), interesting dreams, the mist rising from the hills across the way, unexpected, but much welcome rain, time… read more

Grateful for my body feeling better
The nice phone call w/ my father
The meeting with Billy triggering greater self-awareness and compassion
Getting the birdy diner ship shape
A nice walk and meet…
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p.s. For the smiley face clown from Sabine!


Sabine Schlachter Very considerate! This p.s. makes me smile again.

Grateful for all the conversations going on here and sense of community and communion
For e-mails from Holly
My body feeling better
Getting some files organized
Delightful animal pics forwarded by…
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Veronique B. I love -LOVE- the phrase "old flame". I miss it in French. Thanks for all that comes with it.

Sabine Schlachter
Sabine Schlachter gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a ridiculously happy clown
a ridiculously happy clown

Since I had so much fun with you today, I send you the happy guy to make you laugh and giggle. Smiley greetings!


Zirah (B. L.) Hearn Smiley greetings right back at ya. Knowing/hearing that I made someone laugh is a real treat for me. Plus, your madre de Dios did the same for me.

Grateful for a meeting w/ an old friend and the insights and awarenesses it evoked, the conversation w/ Nancy, the e-mail from Katey and request for a session, sweet, juicy watermelon...probably the l… read more


Sabine Schlachter Hihi, now you make me laugh again! Thanks for sparkeling through my day, Zirah.

Grateful that I had a chance to meet w/ one of the people in charge of the community garden Thur evening and love what they are doing there and have planned for the future. I got a tour around, dug in… read more


Sabine Schlachter Muy more? Madre de Dios, now you make me pense!


Cheryl Hill Yeah! I like that and had not thought of it Zirah! "I feel this current phase of the evolutionary process is all about learning to work together and foster a sense of community and communion, "
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Oh my, 26 days! I may not have been on GL, but I have been grateful during that time!
And I'm grateful to see everything still humming along here, especially after hearing GL was out of commission at…
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Sabine Schlachter I love the idea of community gardens. I wish you a wonderful weekend, Zirah, and lots of opportunities to smile.


Cheryl Hill So do I Sabine - just LOVE the idea - but not sure I would actually participate? Strange! I have come to realize that the creation of Community is the biggest driving force inside me with regard to… read more

Grateful for the note from Sabine reminding me of re-gratituding.....made me laugh
For Tom's help and thoughtfulness
The nice people at Discount Tire
Sweet juicy grapes
My bird and bunny friends a…
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Grateful for the ducky from Sabine getting me back here to GL
For interesting dreams
Lots of tasty, healthy, innovative food from Nectar Cafe
Getting some cleaning out and organizing done
Tom's he…
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Sabine Schlachter Happy re-gratituding! Good to see you here again, Zirah.

Sabine Schlachter
Sabine Schlachter gave Zirah (B. L.) Hearn a rubber duckie
a rubber duckie

Hello Zirah, where are you at? I thought of you today while I was taking my second shower to cope with the heat wave we have here at present. So, I send you the duck to swim from my shower to yours wi… read more


Zirah (B. L.) Hearn Thanks for thinking of me and sending the rubber duckie to help get me back on GL today!


Sabine Schlachter Yippie! Mission accomplished!